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SLEEP AND RENEWING THE BODY – Excerpt of the “Supercharge Your Body” eBook

Sleep and Renewing the Body

Sleeping is, by far, one of the best remedies to help the immune system fight off any disruptive bug in your body. Sleep is crucial for the body’s production of cytokines. Cytokine is a protein that reduces inflammation and infection in the body.

Sleep is critical to ensure a healthy immune system that is always ready to fight any bacteria and viruses. The recommended sleep hours are seven to nine hours per night to rest and regenerate the body adequately. If some days you are unable to get the recommended dose of sleep, try to do one or two naps of 30 minutes during the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system can’t function optimally. Here are a few ideas to help you improve your sleep.

Create a Routine

It is proven that a routine will trick your body into falling asleep at a specific time. Try to observe yourself, is there a time when you are tired? If so, make sure you go to bed before that time. Create a routine that allows you to complete everything before that time and go to bed. You can also set an alarm that will tell you that it’s time to prepare yourself for bedtime. That way, you are less likely to forget what time it is and be more successful at implementing a routine. A bedtime ritual is an excellent addition to your....

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