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Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This Withings Smart Body Analyzer can become your best friend as you struggle through weight and other issues to get healthy and fit. You’ll have all the body stats needed to make decisions about how you’re living your life.

The Health Mate app is downloaded to a WiFi or Bluetooth device and you’re ready to go through the super-easy setup. Then you can begin tracking your journey to better health. The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is also compatible with products such as Apple Watch.

It’s not all about weight either – it’s about your body fat composition, environmental information such as indoor air quality and heart rate measurement. After each daily weigh-in, you’ll immediately get the data as it’s synced to your device.

You can even personalize the screen to display the information in any order you like. If you have the Withings activity tracker you can use it to track steps – but, it’s also available through the Health Mate app.

If you’re an avid jogger or outdoor enthusiast or simply want to know if you should take your umbrella to work, you can display the weather and temperature expected for the day.

Each user of the analyzer in your family (up to 8) can set up their user profile and get their own data from the device. The scale will automatically recognize who the user is and display accurate, updated information for that person.

Other features you may use on the Withings Smart Body Analyzer include measuring your water levels and temperature each time you weigh. It can be updated every 30 minutes.

Science and the medical community are finding out more about our overall health and how to prevent devastating health occurrences such as a heart attack or stroke. Now, we can detect a problem before it happens by watching our stats.

With the new technology such as the Withings Smart body Analyzer, you can monitor your health on a daily basis and perhaps keep a health problem from becoming worse or from a devastating incident from happening that could have been prevented.

Physicians now recommend smart scales for their patients who either have a heart or other medical condition. Also, patients who are at risk for developing a condition which may be prevented if caught early should keep track of weight and other body compositions.

Don’t leave your health at risk when you can easily monitor it on a daily basis and put your mind at ease. You can also plan your path to help by knowing what you should change about your lifestyle.

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer may be your first step to getting healthy and fit. Every time you step on the scale you’ll be getting answers you need to health problems you may be facing.Top of Form

Nokia Body Cardio

Nokia Body Cardio

Now it’s possible to take more control of your own health – just by stepping on the scale. The Nokia Body Cardio scale helps you assess your cardio health and your body’s composition (weight, percentage of body fat/water and muscle and bone mass).

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of premature death today. Most people don’t even know they have a problem until the first heart attack. Rather than waiting for your yearly checkup from a health care provider, you can now track your own heart health.

The Nokia Body Cardio lets you assess cardio health by heart rate and the medically recommended, Pulse Wave Velocity. This technology lets you track the speed of your heartbeat by the waves around the arteries.

Besides focusing on heart health, the Nokia Body Cardio scale gives you an analysis on your body’s composition – muscle and bone mass, weight and percentage of body fat and water.

Nokia is known for its leadership in cutting edge technology so it’s no surprise that it’s body cardio scale was named best-in-class accuracy with its patented detector that provides the best in accurate measurements.

The Health Mate app tracks your health data and automatically synchronizes the information so it appears instantly on the screen. And, Health Mate works with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to present the data you need from every weigh-in.

Powerful and accurate, this scale helps you get to know your body and the signals it gives. That knowledge will help you take control of your own health and take steps needed to make it better and less prone to chronic diseases.

One thing that contributes to heart and other health problems is stress. That’s what makes the Pulse Wave Velocity feature of the Nokia Body Cardio scale so valuable – it provides an accurate assessment of your cardiovascular health every day and also lets you know how it’s improving in future days.

Your entire family can take part in a quest to get healthy. This Nokia scale measures data for up to eight people in your family and recognizes each person so the data is presented accurately to each one.

There is a special tracker on the scale that measures pregnancy and baby health. All of the data, including body, weight and heart health can be accessed all day – every day so you can plan your future diet and exercise programs to achieve the best health results.

This ultra-thin scale is made from heat-tempered glass and you can use it on any surface. Using the Nokia Body Cardio scale can awaken your senses to your health and make you more enthusiastic about monitoring it and changing your lifestyle to achieve your health goals.

Nokia Body+

Nokia Body+

The sleek, black Nokia Body+ Body Composition Vi-Fi Scale is a thumbs-up to modern technology. Now you can get a full body composition analysis, track your weight goals and manage calories and even get a weather forecast for the day – a great feature for runners or outdoor enthusiasts.

You can have all that and more with the Nokia Body+ that uses all the technology available today to give you everything you need to plan and meet your weight and fitness goals.

It’s like having your own personal trainer – the Nokia Body+ records all your pertinent fitness history automatically and will reward you when you do well. It also coaches you if it shows you’re slacking to make sure you do your best.

The body analysis you’ll receive from the Nokia Body+ includes weight, percentage of water and body fat and bone and muscle mass. You’ll get an automatic synchronization each time you weigh which will appear in the Health Mate app.

Each member of your family (up to 8 users) can use the scale to monitor their own weight and health history and the Nokia Body+ will always know who is entering the information, so it never gets confusing.

With all the valuable information you’ll receive about your weight and fitness, achieving your goals will be easier because it’s all done for you with all the technology offered today.

The Health Mate app can be used with Bluetooth or Wifi and whether the data results are positive or negative, you’ll know what you have to do to keep on track. In fact, those who use the scale daily and can track their nutrition and fitness tend to lose more weight than those who don’t.

The Health Mate app can also be paired with other fitness apps such as Lose It!, Weight Watchers and Runtastic. This service is a boon for busy, on-the-go people who make time to exercise, but rarely have time to record results – or calculate them accurately.

Your health is the most important thing you can work on during your lifetime and anything you can do to keep it on the right track is a step in the right direction. It makes it easier to discuss certain issues with your doctor, too.

Knowing on a daily basis how your weight and other health issues are fluctuating is a phenomenal service that the Nokia Body+ can provide. It takes one more thing you have to remember off your shoulders and provides instant access to important information.

It’s never been easier to record, track and manage your weight and fitness goals. The Nokia Body+ will tell the complete story accurately and efficiently and you can be sure you’re giving your body exactly what it needs for complete health and well-being.

Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale

Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale

Bathroom scales are smarter than they used to be. When you step on the Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale, it’s almost like going to a doctor for an overall health assessment – but at your own home.

You’ll get the entire picture of health issues such as body fat, weight (and water weight), bone mass, BMI, muscle mass and bone mass. It’s all available with the Weight Gurus free app or with other favorite apps.

There’s an oversized LCD screen that is backlit for easy reading – and all you have to do is step on the scale to weight yourself and the Wifi Smart Bathroom Scale will calibrate automatically. The scale automatically turns off when you’re finished.

You can have up to eight registered users, so the entire family can track their weight and health on this one scale. The glass surface of the scale can weigh up to 400 pounds and is also non-slip for safety’s sake.

Greater Goods manufactures the Wifi Smart Bathroom Scale and you can get help at any time if needed through their support staff. You won’t likely need help with the setup because it’s so easy and self-explanatory.

Simply download the app and the connectivity is seamless. You’ll get super accurate numbers with the high-precision sensors on this bathroom scale so you can quickly see your stats and how you’re meeting your goals without pen and paper.

This smart scale is the best way to assess your workout either on a daily basis or whenever you want. It can be a positive motivation tool to keep you moving along on your journey to weight loss and good health.

No more logging your weight into an app. The Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale does it for you every time so you won’t take the change of forgetting. If you’re a visual person, you’ll love the graph you get of how your weight is fluctuating.

You’ll also love that the warranty is for 5 years – four years longer than the norm. Most of all, you’ll have a true monitor of some of the most important measurements of your health – such as BMI.

BMI or body mass index is meant to show the amount of muscle, fat and bone tissue as it relates to height. According to the results, you might be classified as below weight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

Cardiologists are now recommending the smart scales so the individual can keep in touch with how they’re doing in the weight and BMI categories because negative changes can be an alert to do more to keep your weight at a normal level.

You don’t have to wait to get an assessment of your health relating to heart disease and stroke when you have the Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale. It’s a good investment to keep track of your future health.

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Even if you don’t consider a weight scale your best friend, you’ll enjoy tracking your weight and day-by-day health conditions more with the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale. Your health is directly linked to the makeup of your body fat, BMI and other issues.

With the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale you’ll actually get other types of body measurements including bone mass, Muscle, hydration, BMR, percentages of protein, fat, bone, visceral fat ranking, metabolic rate and your fitness age.

You’ll also get the delta measurements from the last time you weighed to the current time. Yunmai is a Bluetooth scale and syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit and you can even weigh yourself without a phone.

To reap all the benefits of this scale, all you have to do is download the app to your smartphone, connect to Bluetooth and you’ll have all the power of the bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) at your fingertips.

Incredibly thin and easy to store the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale has a curved, streamlined bottom that fits in with modern design. Each member of your family can enjoy the use of this scale which accommodates as many as 16 accounts.

Customers who have the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale remark that the setup is super easy and measures with cutting edge accuracy when compared to other scales and calipers. Also, the display is bright enough to easily read and you can even use it without the app.

The Yunmai scale works by batteries and the 4 AAA batteries you’ll need comes with the scale. You will set all of the information on the phone rather than the scale and it is automatically updated. You’ll be asked to provide such information as your gender and height.

After you’ve set everything up on your phone, simply step on the scale for your first reading. Then, you’re ready to set your goals for weight to lose, gain or maintain a current weight.

But, it’s not done there. The scales actually offer words of encouragement for you when you check your stats – just like a personal trainer. If you’re weighing on carpet, use the pads or foot pads to be sure you’re getting an accurate reading.

You’ll only have to wait a few seconds after you step on the scale to get your 10 health measurements and you can use this helpful data to plan your next step to lose weight and get healthy.

Compared to other Bluetooth scales, the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale is less expensive and does everything the others do. It’s a great way to track your health progression.

Your old scale may be working perfectly, but over the years the bathroom scale industry has changed dramatically. Do your research and see how you can enjoy top health by the using tracking options offered on the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale.