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What Kind of Motivation Really Inspires You to Success?

When it comes to succeeding with any goal, everyone is different in terms of what motivates them. For some, it’s a drill sergeant leading a bootcamp fitness class, taking no excuses.

For others, it might be a meditation audio download that inspires through a more spiritual appeal. This person might find a bootcamp instructor jarring and unsettling, while the person who prefers that might feel restless using meditation.

You have to find what really resonates with you. The best way to do that is to try out several different styles. For example, you might be the kind of person who loves having a fitness trainer to meet with who guides you through everything with encouragement.

Try it and see if it works well for you. If it doesn’t, then maybe you want to work on daily affirmations and rev yourself up for an intense workout that you can feel proud of before the end of the day.

You might need to test different media formats. Maybe you’re inspired by watching videos on YouTube that motivate you to achieve all of your fitness goals. But for some people, video might be a drag.

Perhaps a podcast of inspiring messages can help you stick to your plan of eating well and exercising every day. You might enjoy listening to it on your commute or while exercising.

Others could find the idea of a podcast annoying. Maybe they prefer to listen to their favorite music during their commute or exercise – or an audio book by one of their favorite authors!

Some people love going on sites like Pinterest and finding motivation images they can glance at to inspire them. Sometimes these are in the form of funny memes, while others show a gorgeous photograph of a sunset with a touching quote.

You might even be the kind of person who enjoys being motivated through text. That might mean blogging about your journey or reading someone else’s words – or taking a pen and writing it down in a journal or reading a print book.

There is no definitive right or wrong way to get motivated. It all depends on what style matches your personal preferences. And sometimes, you might be surprised at what actually helps you the most.

It could be something polar opposite of what you previously thought you would enjoy. It might be something that shakes things up for you and presents it in a new, fascinating manner.