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Are You Feeling Stuck and Dissatisfied?

Are You Feeling Stuck and Dissatisfied?

If you have been feeling a little stuck and lost in your life, just know that it is completely normal. This is often the result of being dissatisfied with life because of things not working out, or just not having much passion with the things you spend the most time on. The good news is that you can find your joy and happiness once again! Here are some things to start with if you are feeling a little stuck.

What Didn’t Work Out in Your Life?

Focusing on what hasn’t worked out how you thought is often what can make you feel stuck. It gets you spiraling as you spend too much time on the past, instead of the present or the future. But in order to move past it and get unstuck, you first have to acknowledge what didn’t work out, figure out why, and then be mindful about making changes in the future.

To figure out if this is why you have been feeling unhappy or dissatisfied lately, write down anything in your life that either didn’t work out at all, or turned out much differently than you thought it would. Include as many details as you can, including what you think went wrong, and always write down how it might have been a good thing for you.

Try a Brain Dump in Your Journal

Any time you just aren’t happy in your life or you aren’t sure what to do next, it is journaling time. One of the best methods of journaling for this is a brain dump. This is when you don’t have any rules as far as how much to write, for how long, or the topics. You just start writing whatever comes to mind, allowing your thoughts to flow freely onto the page. It might be full of scattered thoughts, random goals and plans, and feelings you didn’t know you had.

The only goal here is to write until you feel like all your thoughts are exhausted and you can take a deep breath. All of these thoughts in your head might have been what was causing you to feel stuck in your life.

Finding a New Path

Now is the best time to look for a new path in your life. Feeling stuck isn’t always a bad thing. It could be the motivation you need to pivot and explore something brand new. Begin exploring new things and experiences, and meeting new people. Think about something you have always wanted to do but were too afraid to do it. This could be a local art class, going on a solo road trip, or venturing into a new business.

Embrace the Laziness

Don’t be afraid to take a little more time, be less productive, and just relax and find your way. Just because you feel stuck, doesn’t mean you have to also feel pressured to figure it out right now. Allow yourself some time and grace, so you can figure out your way in a natural and organic way.

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