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Transform Your Anger into Compassion

Transform Your Anger into Compassion

Compassion allows the world to continue a little easier and happier. It is vital to the success of any nation and person looking to live a happier and more fulling life. This is because life is crazy, unpredictable, and challenging. The way your response can create more challenges or easy life struggles just a little bit. Therefore, it's vital to transform your anger or any energy into compassion.

Identify Your Fears or Triggers

What is causing the anger? Are there certain situations, habits, or things that cause your anger? Take the time to evaluative your behavior and your surroundings. Take note of your environment, the people you are with, and the actions you are doing at any given point. This way, when you start to feel that negative energy, you can outline the causes.

Anger is often associated with fear. Including fear of failure, success, judgment, trying new things, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Once you identify the fear and the cause or trigger, you can create a plan of action to make the changes needed. Gaining knowledge about yourself and understanding the fear is your key to success.

Be More Mindful

To take notice of your triggers, you need to be more mindful of them. In other words, you need to live with intent and know the purpose for every action you make. The more mindful you are, the better you recognize emotional triggers, the easier it is to control and change the emotion and your response. You can easier highlight your triggers and develop strategies to avoid or cope with them.

Find the Positivity

When you start to feel angry, train yourself to find the silver lining instead of dwelling on the emotion. Don’t let anger continue to ruin your day. Stop it in its tracks. Out of every failure or success is a lesson to be learned or a new experience to participate in that furthers you as an individual.

Experience Your Feelings

Don’t ignore your anger. Acknowledge the feeling and control it to understand it fully. Just don’t let it cloud your judgment. Be respectful to others and walk away. Your troubles are no one else's responsibilities but your own. Even if someone is disrespectful to you, you never stoop to their level.

It only makes the situation worse and furthers your anger. However, giving yourself a short moment to feel your anger gives you the ability to stop it before it further ruins your day. Instead of continuously pushing it away and creating stress throughout your day, you find a solution and stop it, allowing you to relieve unnecessary stress and be more compassionate.

To live a life full of successful and happiness, you must control your anger and replace it with compassion and positive behaviors. Be mindful of your emotions, as well as how your words and actions make others feel. Put yourself in the other person’s position and ask yourself how you would want to be treated.