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Making Meals Richer in Protein

Protein is a key component when it comes to weight loss and building muscle. You can make your meals richer in protein in a variety of ways. One of the easiest ways is to add it to foods so that you have a greater concentration of protein.

You want to make sure that you have a higher concentration of protein in everything that you eat. By making your meals richer in protein, you get a weight loss boost because you’ll feel fuller, longer.

A quick and easy way to do that is by adding wheat protein isolate. Adding a serving of this won’t change the texture or the taste of whatever it is that you’re preparing.

This will also enable you to gain extra protein without a lot of additional calories. It doesn’t contain many carbohydrates, either – which helps keep the fat content of the supplement lower.

The carb content of these products are only about 3 grams while the fat content is only 1 gram per serving. When you’re looking to build muscle mass, wheat protein isolate is something that you’ll definitely want to add to your meals because it can stimulate your muscles to grow bigger, faster.

There are different types of protein isolates, but you want to choose wheat because of the fact that it’s better suited for people who are trying to lose weight. It doesn’t have any dairy in the product, which is one of the reasons that the fat content is lower than in other types of protein isolates.

If you’re worried about the added calorie content, then you shouldn’t be. You can add this to anything that you make and only gain about 100 calories per serving of the wheat protein isolate.

But the additional calorie content evens out because you end up eating less – since the protein it contains will work to help curb your appetite. Even better news is that wheat protein isolate packs a lot of protein in just a little serving.

You can gain as much as 20 grams of protein in your meals. Because the product is so versatile, you can add it to anything. It can be put in appetizers, main meals, side dishes, desserts, homemade bread mixes – and in shakes or smoothies.

If you’re making bread or other baked goods using wheat protein isolates, the benefit is that unlike other types of protein, this one helps the structure of what you’re making.

It can add the protein without messing with the basic makeup of the dough – whereas other isolates can’t do the same. The product works better with other ingredients that you would put into dough in order to make your meals more protein rich.

Study Shows How Protein Helps Eliminate Obesity

Obesity in America has risen to levels that are at an all time high. Not only has this weight epidemic struck adults, but children as well. This health condition makes everyone a target for developing diseases like diabetes, coronary disease, and even certain cancers.

But your diet can change all of that – especially if it’s one that’s filled with protein. There are many diets on the market that promote eating a lot of protein. As it turns out, those diets were definitely on the right track.

When you consume a diet that’s rich in protein it actually does help you lose weight. There’s a scientific reason why your body likes you eating protein and responds with weight loss.

When you eat a diet that’s high in protein, it helps your appetite slow down. You get a natural appetite suppressor by eating protein. Eating protein causes your body to create an amino acid that makes you lose weight.

This acid is known as phenylalanine. This, in turn, triggers the response from your body that tells you that your appetite has been satiated. When you feel full, you don’t end up eating as much.

Eating a diet that’s high in protein is a lot easier than you think. Foods each have a different amount of protein. Some of these foods are higher in protein than others, but if you create healthy meals where the focus is on filling your plate with protein items, then you’re going to lose weight.

You can snack on protein items, too – such as boiled eggs, which are high in protein – or have some cubed chicken breast, which also has a lot of protein. Each time you eat foods that contain protein, your body produces the phenylalanine.

In studies conducted on how this affects weight loss efforts, it was shown that subjects given phenylalanine had higher levels of GLP-1. This is a natural way of controlling your appetite as well as lowering the amount of hormones that make you feel hungry.

Not only did the phenylalanine in the test subjects help them lose weight, but it also helped them be more physically active. Even better news is that when studies were done on test subjects that were obese, the ones given phenylalanine also lost weight.

It worked by specifically directing its focus on the CaSR, which is a receptor in the body that’s used to lower your appetite. The results of these new studies can be used to help stop the rising tide of obesity and help those currently dealing with the issue to successfully lose weight.

Why Whey Protein May Be Your Top Choice for Lean Muscle Mass

It’s important to make sure that you have protein once you’re finished with your workout. A hard session of toning and working your muscles causes your body to use up energy and it has to be replaced the right way.

Your body needs an infusion of protein. Protein is what helps give your muscles what they need nutritionally as well as helps with the recovery period once you’re finished with your workout.

But the type of protein that you have does matter. One of the easiest ways to get protein is through powder. What most people do when trying to lose weight and build muscle mass is they use powder to create delicious smoothies or shakes.

With all of the different types of protein powder to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is the right one. The one that sells the best and that most consumers all agree on is whey protein because of what it contains.

You’ll want to use whey protein because it’s the best when it comes to building your lean muscle mass. The reason that it’s the best is because it contains the amino acids that are specifically used to help people build muscle.

Within these amino acids, one of them stands out as very important in helping with muscle growth. That acid is leucine. This particular amino acid prompts your body to be able to use the protein that you take in.

So obviously, you’d want to choose the protein powder that offered the most benefit to your muscles. Since that’s the one with leucine, it makes whey powder the best choice.

Out of all the protein powders that you can buy, whey has the most concentration of leucine. Without the right amount of leucine in a protein powder, the process that your muscles go through during and after a workout isn’t as beneficial.

That’s because your muscles can’t put the protein to use as easily as it can when you use whey protein. Leucine is the key that stimulates your muscles to cause them to take in the protein. The more leucine that you have, the better absorption you’re going to end up getting.

What this scientific lingo means for you is that you’re going to see the results of your weight loss and your muscle building faster than you would if you chose to go with other protein powders.

When your body is able to take in the protein from the powder, you gain the muscle and not the fat. You’ll be able to see the results that you want to have quicker than you thought possible.

Consumers Using Insects as Primary Protein Source

Future menus and at home meal planning might just start including insects. As more people are becoming aware of what goes on in the manufacturing of protein from animals, there has been a shift in thinking.

This shift has seen more awareness that there are other types of protein that are good for weight loss and for building muscle mass than traditional means of protein.

Some dishes featuring insects can offer you just as much protein value as eating something like steak or chicken. While the idea of eating insects might seem disturbing to some consumers, many more, such as millennials, are open to the idea.

One of the reasons that more people are okay eating insects to get the protein that they need has to do with how meat affects the health. Eating certain types of animal protein has been linked to conditions such as heart disease, raised blood pressure and other health issues.

Eating insects as a way to get the protein you need to help with weight loss doesn’t have the same health issues attached to it as eating animal proteins do. So people can eat insects and actually be healthier than if they were to get their protein from something like red meats.

Those who want to lose weight and build muscle mass but want to follow a semi vegetarian diet can find a lot of benefit from consuming insects. They’ll get all the protein that they need without having to eat a lot of plant based proteins or large animals such as cows and chickens.

Studies have shown that you have to consume a lot more plant based proteins to get the same amount that you’d get from eating meat. So for those who don’t eat red meat, this option is also a good idea.

But that’s not the only reason that interest in insect consumption as a protein is on the rise. Many consumers are aware that insects are more sustainable than a meat option.

Some countries already practice serving insects as an alternative source of protein. You can find dishes in Australia where roasted scorpion is served up. You can also purchase snack crickets, ones that are roasted or dehydrated ants.

A serving size of crickets has an impressive 13 grams of protein and they’re low in calories with only about 120 calories. Eating insects to gain the protein to help you lose weight and build muscle mass is something that you can really sink your teeth into.