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The Many Health Dangers of Harboring Belly Fat

The Many Health Dangers of Harboring Belly Fat

There’s good fat and bad fat when it comes to the fat you have in your body. Brown fat is helpful with thermogenesis in your body, assisting you in burning calories. But it’s typically stored around your neck and shoulder area.

The fat in your midsection is what’s known as white fat (it actually appears yellow, though). This is the kind of fat that accumulates around your body, including the stomach.

A little of it is helpful – it insulates your major organs. But when you overdo it and accumulate too much of this type of fat, problems start to appear. It becomes too much for your body to handle.

Obesity with white fat contributes to diabetes and heart disease as well as cancer and other issues such as sleep apnea. So you want to whittle down your fat deposits and keep your midsection free and clear of this burden.

When it gets out of control, it’s no longer an insulation for your organs, but something that essentially strangles them. People who struggle with belly fat include both men and women, primarily as they get older.....

 Belly Fat

Middle age makes it harder to shed the fat around your midsection. Your genes may play a role, too. In fact, some people call a woman’s belly fat during middle age, a menopot belly – for menopausal belly fat.

You’re not resigned to live with belly fat forever, though. You have the power to control how much fat is stored around your midsection, but you have to be willing to take action to make that happen.

What you need to do is analyze your waist to see whether or not belly fat is a real problem for you. You don’t have to have washboard abs to have a healthy stomach. But if it’s bulging, it’s a sign that you need to work on this area for your health.

If you’re a woman, studies show that belly fat might pose a greater cardiovascular risk for you if you’re harboring fat deposits around the middle section of your body. Make sure that regardless of your gender and age, you take measurements and see where you stand – don’t just go by what you see in the mirror.

There are some people who consider themselves skinny who struggle with fat only around their midsection. So no one is immune to this kind of physical fitness dilemma. Some just have a proactive way of addressing it...

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