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The Hair Loss Solution

Hair Loss System for Healthy Regrowth

As human beings age, hair follicles weaken as it gets robbed off nutrients and

eventually begins to fall off. It is a fact that by the age of thirty, people

notice a decline in volume and thinning hair is evident. By the time they reach 50

years, nearly half of the female population experience hair loss. Hair loss

affects both men and women but for the latter, it happens in a pattern rather than

continuous balding in men. Besides genetics and diet, stress, constant heat

application and poor hair care also contribute to loss of hair in women. Male

baldness is also prevalent with sedentary lifestyles, stress and of course age. To

say the least, a receding hairline is embarrassing for many men who either have to

go for the completely bald look or find a way to stop thinning hair.


the hair loss solution

For Men

Fortunately, the men and women living in these times can rely on Provillus, the

proven way to stop hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. There are special

products each of which is targeted by men or women. Provillus system for men is

approved by the FDA as a spray designed to re-grow natural hair. For maximum

effectiveness, men should apply the product to affected parts and wait for the

spray to start working. It is rapidly absorbed by cells on the scalp to reactivate

wilting hair follicles and promote healthy growth of hair. Provillus is effective

for men of all ages, their hair type notwithstanding.

For Women

Provillus for women is exclusively designed to meet the huge demand posed by

women’s’ hair as it restores growth. The product contains the only approved

ingredient for female pattern baldness by the FDA. It targets the hair shaft to

build a strong foundation for thicker, stronger hair. Provillus hair re-growth

technology also makes the hair shinier and less limp so that women can comfortably

show off a healthy head of hair each time they venture outside. The formula also

works by promoting oxygen supply to the scalp through increased blood flow which

inevitably increases supply of nutrients to otherwise weak follicles. This causes

an optimization of your hair’s re-growth cycle by invigorating shrunken follicles.

Three part system

Provillus system has three parts which are designed to aggressively address causes

of balding and restore healthy, natural hair growth. First is the cleanse and

condition stage which depends on Revitalizing Shampoo infused with vitamins and

antioxidants for nourishment and volumizing conditioner that creates dimension,

gives body and shine to the hair. Second is the re-grow stage using Hair Re-growth

Treatment that contains FDA approved hair regrowth ingredients. Finally is the

rejuvenation stage that involves application of Aplifying Lift Spray designed to

provide instant fullness to the hair as well as protect and repair breakage.

Hair thinning or loss should not put you down as this reliable system is there to

give back your confidence and self esteem one hair follicle at a time. Use the

product as instructed and you will definitely enjoy the outcome. Interested men

and women can try the product risk free and become the first among their friends

to enjoy a thicker, fuller head of hair despite obvious signs of hair loss in the past.

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