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Consumers Using Insects as Primary Protein Source

Future menus and at home meal planning might just start including insects. As more people are becoming aware of what goes on in the manufacturing of protein from animals, there has been a shift in thinking.

This shift has seen more awareness that there are other types of protein that are good for weight loss and for building muscle mass than traditional means of protein.

Some dishes featuring insects can offer you just as much protein value as eating something like steak or chicken. While the idea of eating insects might seem disturbing to some consumers, many more, such as millennials, are open to the idea.

One of the reasons that more people are okay eating insects to get the protein that they need has to do with how meat affects the health. Eating certain types of animal protein has been linked to conditions such as heart disease, raised blood pressure and other health issues.

Eating insects as a way to get the protein you need to help with weight loss doesn’t have the same health issues attached to it as eating animal proteins do. So people can eat insects and actually be healthier than if they were to get their protein from something like red meats.

Those who want to lose weight and build muscle mass but want to follow a semi vegetarian diet can find a lot of benefit from consuming insects. They’ll get all the protein that they need without having to eat a lot of plant based proteins or large animals such as cows and chickens.

Studies have shown that you have to consume a lot more plant based proteins to get the same amount that you’d get from eating meat. So for those who don’t eat red meat, this option is also a good idea.

But that’s not the only reason that interest in insect consumption as a protein is on the rise. Many consumers are aware that insects are more sustainable than a meat option.

Some countries already practice serving insects as an alternative source of protein. You can find dishes in Australia where roasted scorpion is served up. You can also purchase snack crickets, ones that are roasted or dehydrated ants.

A serving size of crickets has an impressive 13 grams of protein and they’re low in calories with only about 120 calories. Eating insects to gain the protein to help you lose weight and build muscle mass is something that you can really sink your teeth into.


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