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Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

This Withings Smart Body Analyzer can become your best friend as you struggle through weight and other issues to get healthy and fit. You’ll have all the body stats needed to make decisions about how you’re living your life.

The Health Mate app is downloaded to a WiFi or Bluetooth device and you’re ready to go through the super-easy setup. Then you can begin tracking your journey to better health. The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is also compatible with products such as Apple Watch.

It’s not all about weight either – it’s about your body fat composition, environmental information such as indoor air quality and heart rate measurement. After each daily weigh-in, you’ll immediately get the data as it’s synced to your device.

You can even personalize the screen to display the information in any order you like. If you have the Withings activity tracker you can use it to track steps – but, it’s also available through the Health Mate app.

If you’re an avid jogger or outdoor enthusiast or simply want to know if you should take your umbrella to work, you can display the weather and temperature expected for the day.

Each user of the analyzer in your family (up to 8) can set up their user profile and get their own data from the device. The scale will automatically recognize who the user is and display accurate, updated information for that person.

Other features you may use on the Withings Smart Body Analyzer include measuring your water levels and temperature each time you weigh. It can be updated every 30 minutes.

Science and the medical community are finding out more about our overall health and how to prevent devastating health occurrences such as a heart attack or stroke. Now, we can detect a problem before it happens by watching our stats.

With the new technology such as the Withings Smart body Analyzer, you can monitor your health on a daily basis and perhaps keep a health problem from becoming worse or from a devastating incident from happening that could have been prevented.

Physicians now recommend smart scales for their patients who either have a heart or other medical condition. Also, patients who are at risk for developing a condition which may be prevented if caught early should keep track of weight and other body compositions.

Don’t leave your health at risk when you can easily monitor it on a daily basis and put your mind at ease. You can also plan your path to help by knowing what you should change about your lifestyle.

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer may be your first step to getting healthy and fit. Every time you step on the scale you’ll be getting answers you need to health problems you may be facing.Top of Form