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Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

Even if you don’t consider a weight scale your best friend, you’ll enjoy tracking your weight and day-by-day health conditions more with the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale. Your health is directly linked to the makeup of your body fat, BMI and other issues.

With the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale you’ll actually get other types of body measurements including bone mass, Muscle, hydration, BMR, percentages of protein, fat, bone, visceral fat ranking, metabolic rate and your fitness age.

You’ll also get the delta measurements from the last time you weighed to the current time. Yunmai is a Bluetooth scale and syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit and you can even weigh yourself without a phone.

To reap all the benefits of this scale, all you have to do is download the app to your smartphone, connect to Bluetooth and you’ll have all the power of the bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) at your fingertips.

Incredibly thin and easy to store the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale has a curved, streamlined bottom that fits in with modern design. Each member of your family can enjoy the use of this scale which accommodates as many as 16 accounts.

Customers who have the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale remark that the setup is super easy and measures with cutting edge accuracy when compared to other scales and calipers. Also, the display is bright enough to easily read and you can even use it without the app.

The Yunmai scale works by batteries and the 4 AAA batteries you’ll need comes with the scale. You will set all of the information on the phone rather than the scale and it is automatically updated. You’ll be asked to provide such information as your gender and height.

After you’ve set everything up on your phone, simply step on the scale for your first reading. Then, you’re ready to set your goals for weight to lose, gain or maintain a current weight.

But, it’s not done there. The scales actually offer words of encouragement for you when you check your stats – just like a personal trainer. If you’re weighing on carpet, use the pads or foot pads to be sure you’re getting an accurate reading.

You’ll only have to wait a few seconds after you step on the scale to get your 10 health measurements and you can use this helpful data to plan your next step to lose weight and get healthy.

Compared to other Bluetooth scales, the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale is less expensive and does everything the others do. It’s a great way to track your health progression.

Your old scale may be working perfectly, but over the years the bathroom scale industry has changed dramatically. Do your research and see how you can enjoy top health by the using tracking options offered on the Yunmai Premium Smart Scale.