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Nokia Body Cardio

Nokia Body Cardio

Now it’s possible to take more control of your own health – just by stepping on the scale. The Nokia Body Cardio scale helps you assess your cardio health and your body’s composition (weight, percentage of body fat/water and muscle and bone mass).

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of premature death today. Most people don’t even know they have a problem until the first heart attack. Rather than waiting for your yearly checkup from a health care provider, you can now track your own heart health.

The Nokia Body Cardio lets you assess cardio health by heart rate and the medically recommended, Pulse Wave Velocity. This technology lets you track the speed of your heartbeat by the waves around the arteries.

Besides focusing on heart health, the Nokia Body Cardio scale gives you an analysis on your body’s composition – muscle and bone mass, weight and percentage of body fat and water.

Nokia is known for its leadership in cutting edge technology so it’s no surprise that it’s body cardio scale was named best-in-class accuracy with its patented detector that provides the best in accurate measurements.

The Health Mate app tracks your health data and automatically synchronizes the information so it appears instantly on the screen. And, Health Mate works with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to present the data you need from every weigh-in.

Powerful and accurate, this scale helps you get to know your body and the signals it gives. That knowledge will help you take control of your own health and take steps needed to make it better and less prone to chronic diseases.

One thing that contributes to heart and other health problems is stress. That’s what makes the Pulse Wave Velocity feature of the Nokia Body Cardio scale so valuable – it provides an accurate assessment of your cardiovascular health every day and also lets you know how it’s improving in future days.

Your entire family can take part in a quest to get healthy. This Nokia scale measures data for up to eight people in your family and recognizes each person so the data is presented accurately to each one.

There is a special tracker on the scale that measures pregnancy and baby health. All of the data, including body, weight and heart health can be accessed all day – every day so you can plan your future diet and exercise programs to achieve the best health results.

This ultra-thin scale is made from heat-tempered glass and you can use it on any surface. Using the Nokia Body Cardio scale can awaken your senses to your health and make you more enthusiastic about monitoring it and changing your lifestyle to achieve your health goals.