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How to Alleviate Insomnia When You’re Pregnant

How to Alleviate Insomnia When You’re Pregnant

Because your body is going through so many changes, you will probably experience insomnia at least a few times during your pregnancy. And it isn’t that unfair? Just when you need it most, when your body has to be functioning at peak capacity for you and your unborn child, you cannot get the restful sleep that you are looking for. While every mom-to-be is different, the following strategies have worked for many expectant mothers to alleviate insomnia when you’re pregnant.

Stop worrying so much

Hormonal changes, leg cramps, lack of comfort and multiple trips to the bathroom during the night can all be causing your bouts of insomnia. But when you worry too much if you are getting the proper amount of sleep, you complicate the problem. Just remember that insomnia cannot hurt you or your baby. And when you release your mind from worry, you may find you are falling to sleep much faster and sleeping more restfully.

Slow down when you eat dinner

It seems like you are eating all day long. And you should always take time to digest your food properly. But especially at dinner, eating too fast can give you heartburn which keeps you up at night. Aside from causing insomnia, heartburn is just downright uncomfortable. Take your time eating your dinner and make sure that you do not schedule the last meal of the day too close to bedtime.

Get plenty of fluids, but get them earlier in the day

Ensuring that you drink at least 2 quarts (8 cups) of water a day is extremely important while you are pregnant. And oddly enough, this can help keep you from retaining water. To make sure that nighttime trips to the bathroom are not keeping you awake, plan to get your daily liquid requirements earlier in the day, and in the early evening at the latest.

Program your mind for better sleep

Did you know that 17 to 21 daily repetitions is enough to program your mind for any activity to become unconscious habit? Plan a bedtime routine that has you going to bed and waking up at the same times every day, and you may see your insomnia disappearing.

Steer clear from caffeine and chocolate

This may be the hardest insomnia curing tip to put into action. If you absolutely must have chocolate goodies, or caffeine-filled drinks like coffee and tea, get them in the morning and during the day. Caffeine can affect your ability to sleep for up to 8 hours after you ingest it. And the sugar in many chocolate treats and food items can disturb your sleep cycles as well.