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Foods That Can Help with Your Sleeping Problems

When you think about your sleeping problems, you may think of stress or not being tired enough to actually rest. One thing you may not think about is the type of food you are eating and how your diet can create symptoms or issues that lead to lack of sleep. Here are a few of the foods that can help with your sleep, some tips on adding them into your daily routine, and how they may affect your sleep naturally.


Turmeric is an eastern spice that can help greatly with sleeping issues related to soreness, muscle aches, or tension in the body. You can make a drink from the turmeric known as golden milk or turmeric tea. The turmeric is cooked down with water and made into a thick paste. A small amount of the turmeric paste is then added to milk, usually a nut based milk, and mixed until well blended. The milk is sipped on slowly around an hour before bed. This drink helps to remove inflammation in the body that causes soreness and may keep you awake or wake you during the night.


Almonds are full of several benefits for your health, but one specific benefit does help with your sleep pattern. Almonds are loaded with magnesium. Magnesium helps your body relax and helps you drift into sleep easily at night. If you find that you have a magnesium deficiency, you may want to increase those levels through food, and that food is almonds. You can choose to mix the almonds with dried fruit, in a granola bar, or simply as a small amount of almonds before bed.

Cherry Juice

Cherry juice has several benefits for the body. It can bring in antioxidants to your body, but it also has anti-inflammatory benefits as well. Some people drink cherry juice on a daily basis to help with arthritis, tension, and with muscle cramps and spasms. It can also help with women who are experience cramps from their menstrual cycle that may keep them awake at night or lead to restless sleep patterns. If you go with this food, make sure that you are getting an organic cherry juice that is labeled as 100% juice and that is non-GMO.

Chamomile Tea

This list of foods that can help with your sleeping problems would be incomplete without mentioning chamomile. Chamomile tea is a go to method for many people for help with sleeping patterns. In fact, some people have it as part of their nighttime routine alongside almonds or some other calming food before bed. Chamomile can relax the body and mind, and in certain doses, is even suitable for children.
These are only a few of the foods that can help you with ongoing sleeping problems. By adding some, or all of them, to your daily diet routine you may see a noticeable difference in your sleep. You can also speak with a nutritionist to discuss other options that also may help.