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8 Smart Reasons to Go Vegan for Heart Health

8 Smart Reasons to Go Vegan for Heart Health

Here’s an interesting story about the changes you can make to improve your heart health although I must admit I wouldn’t go so far as to cut my consumption of meat completely:

“Kim Williams, MD, a cardiologist and the president of the American College of Cardiology, became a vegan in 2003, after finding out his cholesterol levels were high — and it changed his life. He went vegan because he was impressed by how much heart scans of one of his patients improved after she tried a plant-based diet. She went from a high-risk of heart disease to normal risk in a matter of months.

A plant-based diet can decrease plaque in the blood vessels, and lower risk of diabetes and stroke, says Dr. Williams. “If we have a choice, it seems like a vegetarian diet is better.”

The good news for avid meat eaters is that you don’t have to completely quit meat to reap the benefits of a plant-based diet. Simply reducing the amount of animal products in your diet lowers the risk of high blood pressure. Then, as you start replacing meat with fish, or switching to vegetarian, or go completely vegan, your heart-disease risk gradually goes down, Williams says.

“People say eat everything in moderation, and I used to tell people that moderation results in moderate disease instead of severe disease,” he says.

Following are eight of the many ways a plant-based diet can protect your heart from disease”..

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