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Why Exercise is Essential for a Healthy Heart

Your heart is the most important muscle in the body. In order to stay healthy, it needs to be worked out just like the rest of your muscles so it does not get weak.  The current recommendation for all adults is 250 minutes of aerobic exercise per week over most of the days of the week, that is, about 35 minutes per day. Aerobic activity can be defined as anything that raises your heart rate and causes you to feel breathless but not gasping for air.

Many of us lead sedentary lifestyles, stuck at a computer all day, and parked on the sofa or in front of the computer at night for entertainment. Most of us hate the idea of a gym and having to get tired and sweaty working out there. The truth is that you can exercise almost anywhere, and some of the most effective methods won’t make you perspire and can actually be fun.

For example, walking more at a moderate to brisk pace will work all muscle groups of the body, you won’t have to sweat buckets, and you can choose a variety of settings to walk in, from your local outdoor track or park to various beauty spots. If the weather is bad, try a mall. Don’t bring the wallet, though, if you want to keep your finances healthy.

If you live near a pool, try swimming. If you live near a YMCA, they will often have a pool and a range of exercises classes. These might include water aerobics, in which you use the weight of the water to give yourself a better workout.

The list of classes will also be sure to include aerobics of all kinds, from low intensity to step. There will also be spinning, that is, cycling, and dance classes that range from ballet to the more fast-paced zumba.

Don’t have a Y near you? Look for local gyms and classes. Rent or stream DVDs and work out yourself, or get the other members of your family up and moving. A Wii system can be the perfect way to do this, with a range of exercise and dance activities.

Exercise also relieves stress and is a mood enhancer as well. If you’ve been struggling to get through the day, add exercise to your routine and see what a difference it can make to your overall health.