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Wearable Tech V Smartphone App

Smartphones have been around for a while and have become more and more advanced as time goes on, and will only continue to include better, faster and stronger features and technology to keep them a top competitor in the market place. Wearable tech is considerably newer than the average smartphone, but both of them face competition from the other due to the range of features they boast and the tricks they hold up their metaphorical sleeves.

Smartphones really have started to live up to their name with more and more features to make them smart. They’re no longer just a phone. They’ve become so much more than that and most people don’t want to be away from them for long. The devices are able to hold your life thanks to the applications that can be downloaded to them. They’ve become minicomputers that you can call and text on, rather than just being a device used to keep in touch with people when you’re out and about.

The Downsides
Even with all the applications that are available on a phone, there’s still room for improvement. They might be good when they’re by your side or even in your hand but they’re still not completely accurate, especially if you’re using them for tracking fitness or wellbeing. It’s not a strength of theirs, but it’s not their main feature either.

They don’t tend to ever be far from the owner, which means they have ample opportunities to track and sense what is happening around you. They’re also easy to look at with most of them boasting larger screens than what we might have been used to in the past, meaning viewing the data is a lot easier.
Wearable Tech

Compared to smartphones, this is much newer but it’s already taking off with most people being able to say that they own something that falls into this category, regardless of its feature or the reason for its use.

The Downsides
They can add a considerable amount to what you already pay for your phone, and other gadgets. They’re also usually specific – a fitness watch can be a watch, a smartphone tracker and a fitness tracker, but you won’t be able to make it multipurpose. You can’t add your online banking to it or send a message while you’re working out.

The Advantages
Because they’re usually flush against your skin, they’re much more accurate when it comes to tracking your movements and such. They can give you a more realistic estimate of just how much you’re doing and where you need to improve. They’re also able to upload your data most often so that you can store it.

They’re another thing to remember to grab in a morning and require charge throughout the usage. They’re also often not able to add additional apps, meaning if you want a new feature, you might have to fork out for a new, updated model.

Each has their strengths and weaknesses, depending on what you need them for. If you want to focus entirely on fitness then wearable tech is definitely the route to look into.