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Can I Use Wearable Tech Without Being on a Fitness Plan?

Wearable tech, while the market is definitely being geared towards health and fitness plans, is usable for a lot of other reasons too. It’s absolutely not just for people who are on a fitness plan.
Not only are there different types of wearable tech available for different things, but they’re incredibly adaptable depending on what you need them for.
Just because they boast a particular feature, too, doesn’t mean that’s all that they’re capable of when it comes down to it. They tend to have more than one and while it might not be primary, it’s still there and still available for use by everyday people and not just those who hit the gym five nights a week and then jog on their weekends.

They can be used for:
Wellbeing (not fitness)

You can definitely wear a smartwatch without being on a fitness plan – these give you a way to stay in the loop without having to have your phone in your hand at all times. You can see messages, know when your phone is ringing, get reminders and even view your gallery on some of them. You don’t need to be exercising for them, you just need to own a smartphone that you can link it to and a wrist that you can strap it to and you’re ready to go.

Virtual Headsets
This is a newer addition into the market, but not a new concept. Many people would say that gaming is an opposite to being on a fitness plan, considering most of it is spent sat down and fiddling with q controller or mouse, so you can definitely use this without the need to go jogging. It might make you a little more active, but you don’t need to be exercising to get the most out of it. It’s definitely designed for fun more than anything else.

Stress Trackers
These are more likely to take off in the start of 2016, but there are a few littering around on the market place at the moment. They aren’t geared towards fitness alone, but can be used in conjuncture with other plans – if you’re at risk of high blood pressure, or you don’t get enough oxygen, these can help you monitor it during your everyday life with reminders on when to breath properly or when to try and lower the stress that you’re feeling.

Wearable tech is not just for people who are active and trying to get fit and healthy but they can be adapted for everyone. They’re very diverse and the market is always expanding, adding in a new type of device that does something.
There is definitely something that is available for everyone without the need to worry that you’re misusing it or that you can’t join in on the hype because you don’t feel the need to work out more than three times a year (which is definitely acceptable when there’s things like virtual headsets on the market).