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Start Strength Training Carefully to Firm Up

When you first get into weightlifting, it’s not really expected of you to know proper form and everything. That’s why if you’re new to weightlifting, you should take things slow and learn how to lift properly.

Otherwise, you could injure yourself. Some exercises are very simple when it comes to form, but a bit more complicated when picking weights. This usually applies to machines, because they only really move one way and have an arbitrary weight number.

However, one of the most common free weight exercises also falls into this category – the barbell bench press. Bench pressing is a simple motion. Just make sure you take it easy and don’t slam the bar on your chest.

But picking out how much weight you should put on it can be a hassle if you’ve never done it before. Start with the bar alone, which weights 45 lbs. If that was easy, try 20 lbs on each side.

Then slowly increase until you find it hard to do. If you found it difficult, either stick with the bar until it gets easier or try a 5 lb plate on each side. Most exercises for a beginner are not only difficult in form, but also in weight selection.

A good example of this is the squat. Squats are great leg exercises, but rely heavily on form. A good squat means you have both feet pointed straight forward and at shoulder width apart, go low, and come back up.

Your legs should bend slightly outward, and you should almost look like you’re trying to move your butt back into an invisible chair. This isn’t one of the most dangerous exercises for beginners, though.

The most dangerous exercise for beginners it seems is the deadlift. A deadlift means you have a barbell with weights on it on the ground, and you go down and pick it up before placing it down again.

This exercise requires you to have a straight back, knees bent, and for you to lift with your legs and not your back. Failure to do this will result in serious back problems, and you may even injure yourself with the actual bar.

Many people try to lift heavy weights just so they look good in the gym and ignore form. These people are most commonly referred to as Ego Lifters. Not only does “egolifting” do you no good, it’s also dangerous for you and possibly the other people in the gym.

If you feel embarrassed because you’re not lifting as much weight as the guy who has been at it for three years, don’t worry. Nobody’s actually looking at you or making fun of you – especially because they were once in that position. Make sure your lifting is clean and at a respectable weight, or you may never lift again.