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Staying in Shape – Being Purposeful While Exercising

Looking to keep fit and do some good along the way? Exercise through volunteering is a great idea for those who struggle to motivate themselves to get fit. By taking on a project that involves some level of activity, you’ll get to exercise without even thinking about it.

So, what types of volunteer work can you do that can help with your fitness goals? Below, you’ll discover some great volunteering projects that combine doing good with keeping fit.

Volunteer Firefighter

If you want to do some real good while keeping fit, why not become a volunteer firefighter? This will require a good level of fitness and training to get into. However, you’ll get to help save lives while keeping fit.

You’ll find rural fire departments are particularly in need of volunteers. There will usually be a set number of hours you’ll need to provide each week. It won’t be for everyone but if you need a tough challenge and want to really help people, a volunteer firefighter position is ideal.

Physical Outdoor Jobs

Another option is to take on a physical outdoor volunteer placement. You’ll find hundreds of options here, helping to get you out into nature while keeping fit.

A great idea is to help build and improve trails. You’ll find thousands of miles of trails across the US are in need of improvement. All you have to do is visit your local state or national park to see what help they need.

Other outdoor physical volunteering jobs you can take on include gardening projects, building and clean-up projects....

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