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Scientific Proof of Positive Treatments for Depression

When you’re struggling with depression, finding the right treatment is important. The mental disorder is one of the most disabling issues that people have. Sadly, too many people suffer in silence, worried about the ramifications if they speak up.

This isolation makes them feel like they’re all alone. Some people don’t speak up because they think of the treatments as something negative. They worry that the treatment will be far worse than dealing with the depression.

But there is scientific proof that there are positive treatments for dealing with depression. One of the most highly recognized methods of treatment is cognitive behavior therapy.

This treatment is based on the knowledge that it’s how a person thinks that impacts their depression. People can get caught up in thought patterns that are negative and disabling.

By learning how to replace the habit of negative thoughts with positive ones, it changes the brain’s go-to response in situations as well as when dealing with stress.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can be used as a lifelong tool for helping people who have depression. This method can be used in place of or in addition to medication for depression.

Another well-known form of therapy is known as psychoanalysis and psychodynamic. With psychoanalysis, this therapy is for longer use than cognitive behavioral therapy.

It’s used to show someone struggling with depression how their subconscious works to play into their depression. The treatment focuses on figuring out the why behind the reason for the depression.

It looks into the life of the patient to see where family issues, emotional wounds or other traumas have led to the development of depression. Psychodynamic therapy is considered to be a long term therapy.

The goal of this treatment is to create self-awareness in the person with depression. The treatment aims to find a possible cause between the present actions, feelings and conditions – including depression – that are linked with something in the subconscious.

Not all therapies are long term. There are some short-term ones, such as mindfulness, used in acceptance and commitment therapy or emotion focused therapy.

Another positive treatment for depression is exercise. This can be used to effectively treat less severe forms of the condition because exercise gives a person the same mood boost they get from low level prescription anti-depressants.

Meditation is also a positive treatment for depression just like mindfulness is. Both work to help the patient live in the present. They recognize their thoughts and become more aware of negative thoughts, which are linked with depression. These treatments help patients learn to recognized faulty or distorted thoughts and views and lessen stress.


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