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Mental Health Therapy Now Delivered Via Bots Online

According to the World Health Organization, there are at least 350 million people struggling with depression. While this mental health issue is fairly common, if it isn’t treated, the condition can worsen.

Many people suffer in silence because, despite the spotlight depression has been under recently, there is still a social stigma attached to it. People are reluctant to speak about it for fear of how it could affect how others view them.

But speaking up about depression is ironically one of the best things that someone who is struggling with the condition can do. By not talking about it, the issue can deepen – but once it’s out in the open, you can find the therapy needed to cure or treat the condition.

Depression can strike anyone of any age and any social background. Successful people struggle and people who don’t have financial means struggle as well. The more people strive for in life, the further they can sink in depression because the fear of failure increases.

The more successful someone is, the less likely they are to want to speak out about their depression. But there is a way that anyone who is struggling with depression can have life altering conversations – by using online bots.

These bots can engage people in conversation that allows them to speak out about their issue without fear. These bots rely on the use of conversations that are based with therapy expertise in the field of mental health.

The bots have been scientifically proven to be effective and the bot can interact using a language system that’s natural and can respond to the person it’s chatting with.

This mental health therapy proved that when a person suffering from depression chatted with an online bot, it lowered the feelings associated with depression such as anxiety and sadness.

An online bot used as therapy for depression might seem unusual, but online chatting with automated bots has been around for years. The mental health ones are simply used specifically to treat depression.

The way these bots work is by allowing people to check how they feel and make discoveries about the inner workings of themselves. It does this using a chat box and relies on the same in person Cognitive Behavior Therapy you would get from seeing a counselor.

These online bots can interact with you to see what your mood is like and how things are going for you. The bot can even give you resources to use that can help you deal with what you’re experiencing at that moment.

There are several different bots that a person can use and they’re all a discreet way to find therapy for depression. These artificial intelligence bots can be used to lift the weight of depression from your shoulders because they can read your emotions and apply techniques to help.


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