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Ornish Diet

Ornish Diet

The Ornish Diet is one that’s based on Dr. Dean Ornish’s program. This is a diet that teaches people how they create a healthy eating plan according to what they like, the nutrition their body needs and their family genes.

The program teaches that by altering the way that you live your life, you can get your body to shut off the genes that cause diseases while switching on the ones that help keep these diseases away.

Research into this diet shows that by changing the way that you live your life, you can boost the enzyme production that leads to a longer, healthy life. This diet is good for those who have pounds they want to lose, people who have been diagnosed with diabetes, or those who want to keep from getting diabetes.

It’s a good diet to follow for preventing cardiovascular disease or reversing it, improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But it’s also good for keep certain types of cancers at bay.

How the diet works depends on the person following the diet. It all depends on if you have to lose a little or a lot of weight, whether you just want to change your lifestyle to improve your overall health, live longer or whether you’re changing eating habits after having a heart related health scare.

On this diet, you won’t have to cut out entire food groups. You simply have to learn the best way to eat those foods that may not be good for you. If you have trouble with heart disease, you would follow the no cholesterol edict and would cut out foods that were high in saturated fats.

In the diet, the foods are grouped according to how they’ll affect your body and what good they can do for you. The better the food is for you, the lower the number it’s assigned.

Foods that promote good health are a one while foods that are considered to be more generous in fat and calories are in the last group, which is five. The goal of the person following the diet is to try to follow as closely as possible making meal plans consist of food items from the first group.

The diet shows you that you don’t have to make a food off limits, you just make better choices like plant based food versus beef. The diet also works based on your fitness level, how well you manage the stress in your life and whether you have people in your life who’ll help you along the journey.

You’ll be taught about foods. For example, while eating on this diet, the kind of carbs that you’ll be taught to eat are complex ones along with plenty of vegetables. You’ll learn about how to eat, what to eat, how to get moving, and how taking care of stress and the kind of support you get from others can help you change your lifestyle.

To be successful on this diet, you would need to know which food choices are the best ones between the groups. You would also want to exercise. Watch your mindset and don’t trick yourself into thinking that if you don’t follow the diet strictly one day it means you blew it.

Just recommit for the following day. Practice mindful eating. You’ll want to buy one of the Ornish books to help you learn the diet and you may also want to consider buying a food journal.