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Flat Belly Diet Program

Flat Belly Diet Program

The Flat Belly Diet Program is one where you can lose as much as fifteen pounds in about a month along with abdominal fat. The diet bases its success on learning about monounsaturated fatty acids and their role in shedding belly fat.

The diet was created by a dietician and a past editor at Prevention magazine. It can be used to lose weight or as a preventative for health problems. This plan is good for heart health because it helps lessen visceral fat.

This kind of fat is what has been linked to diabetes as well as cardiovascular health problems and other health conditions. People who followed this eating program did end up losing inches and belly fat according to studies done on the diet.

The way that the Flat Belly Diet Program works focuses on eating in such a way that you use the diet to eliminate belly fat. The monounsaturated fatty acids help you feel fuller while at the same time helps you curb the desire to want to eat more than you should.

You’ll find these fats that eliminate belly fat in a range of foods and some of them are surprising - such as chocolate. It’s also found in items like olive oil, nuts, avocados and seeds to name a few.

But the diet doesn’t just work because you eat those foods. You have to eat a specific amount of these foods at all of your meals as well as when you snack. These types of fats don’t lead to heart attacks or heart disease because they don’t cause trouble for your arteries.

Another good thing about the diet is that it focuses on eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, fish and more. It’s this healthy eating that not only helps you shed weight, but works to maintain weight over time.

The calorie restrictions on this diet are at a suggested 1,600 per day. However, dieters have the option to customize that amount according to their lifestyle, gender and age. The program begins by kicking off with a jumpstart to help get rid of bloating to get you going - and then guides you on a month long program.

You’ll be able to follow - not only specific meals - but recipes and shopping lists as well. To succeed with this diet, you’ll want to get the program that’s geared toward your gender - since the guidelines are somewhat different.

Though the diet is easy to follow, there is some prep work you’ll need to do ahead of time when you’re planning your meals. Those who follow the diet using online tools or who buy the books for the diet generally do better on the program than those who try to wing it on their own.