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Focus on What You Want Instead of What You Hope to Avoid

Focus on What You Want Instead of What You Hope to Avoid


When you’re working towards setting a goal, you should focus on the positive side of it rather than the negative part you’re getting rid of by achieving that goal. Focusing on the positive is more inspiring and will help you achieve your goal in a faster, more upbeat manner.                                  

One example of focusing on the positives of your goal is going on vacation with your family. While trying to reach this goal, you might be thinking about the fact that when you finally take them somewhere, they’ll stop complaining about never getting to go on vacation.

Instead of having this mindset, think about how much fun you and your family will have together. Weight loss is another good example - instead of focusing on diseases you might get from being overweight, or things you can’t do because of your weight, focus on how good it’ll feel to be fit and energetic while looking your best.

In your work life, if you want a higher salary, you have to work harder. Instead of setting your goal being focused on not being able to do things such as go on vacations, shop for new clothes, or anything else you’d want to splurge on, focus on how nice it’ll be to be able to do these things.

Set your goals based on things that you want, but make sure they’re not created just so you can stop something else from happening. Don’t set a goal to work harder because someone else wants you to - do it for yourself.

Do these things for what you want in life, because if you work so hard to please someone else, you’ll never have true satisfaction. While you’re setting goals for yourself, whether they have to do with your personal life or your work life, make sure you’re focused on what good things will come out of achieving your goal.

If you decide to do something to avoid something bad, you’re immediately associating your goals with bad things. This will make you more stressed about achieving the things you want and will strip your happiness away if you don’t have immediate results.

If you focus on the positives, you’ll be more inspired to get what you want and you’ll feel more empowered by your mindset rather than if you’re focused on the bad things about yourself that you want to change. Focusing on the negatives will only make you feel worse about yourself, and you won’t feel as motivated by tearing yourself down.