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Don’t Just Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Behaviors

Don’t Just Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Behaviors

Everyone has a point in time in which they change their beliefs because they think differently due to some event. Perhaps it was something traumatizing, or something minor, like reading a blog post.

Either way, despite our newfound changes in thinking, we don’t always change out behaviors to match our beliefs. For example, maybe you read how successful entrepreneurs master time management and it sounds great, but you don’t actively do anything to alter your disorganized behavior.

Or you might find a new way of dieting, and start noticing all of the unhealthy things everyone eats. However, you might not actually be eating the healthiest yourself. You might wish that everyone were nicer around you, while still being a bit unpleasant to those around you.

This kind of behavior can hurt your relationships with your friends and family and generate a lot of unwanted stress. When you don’t practice what you preach, you’ll find yourself looked down upon by the people around you as a hypocrite.

People will only accept your beliefs if you accurately reflect them, otherwise you’ll just make your beliefs look bad or you’ll make yourself look bad. You’ll also feel bad emotionally, when you reflect on yourself and realize that you’re not the person that you want to be, or think you are.

It’s difficult, though, to make these changes. When you realize that you’re not behaving as you believe you should be, it can be hard to change your actual behavior. Be sure to spend time every day thinking about what changes you want to make, and then dedicate time to following through with those changes.

It won’t happen immediately – it will take a few weeks for you to get totally used to changing your behavior. In the meantime, ask a friend or family member to help you focus on this change and keep you on track.

If you’re the only one paying attention to it, you’ll find yourself forgetting about the change until you’ve completely forgotten about it. When you start really acting as you believe you should, you’ll find that you’re happier with who you are as a person.

This leads to you finding happiness in life much more quickly, because you’re not discontent with your personality. It will also improve your social life, because when people hear you talking about your beliefs and also accurately reflecting them, they’ll see you as a more trustworthy person, and will show you more respect. Not many people can put their money where their mouth is and actually follow through with everything they say.


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