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Fitness Boredom Busters Work When You Dislike Exercise

Fitness Boredom Busters Work When You Dislike Exercise

Many people sometimes don’t prefer to do the long workouts that take an hour or more to complete. Whether it’s because of a lack of time, or a lack of energy, these workout can be long and strenuous.

If you have a busy schedule full of work and other commitments, it can be hard to fit a workout into your schedule. If this is the case, you might want to look into faster, shorter workouts that can get you similar results.

There are workout programs like HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, that help you work out just as much as you would in an hour, but in far less time. This is because it revolves around doing a ton of reps really quickly, and in a circuit style.

In a workout circuit, you won’t stick around on any one machine for long, instead opting to switch from machine to machine quickly and doing one set at a time. This gives you less rest time, so the trick is to do different body parts at each part of the circuit.

If you work out your biceps at one machine, you can do legs at another, then chest, and loop back around to biceps. By then, you should have gotten ample rest for that body part and can continue from there.

In contrast, a typical workout consists of doing 3-5 sets at one machine with breaks in between before moving on to another, which is more relaxed - but requires much more time.

This style can also be boring for some people, so HIIT and circuits help break up the monotony. One aspect of HIIT that you’ll notice is that it’s much more cardio-intensive. Since you’re not really resting your heart rate between workouts, it’s like doing cardio and weightlifting at the same time.

You’ll get tired out faster, but get a good workout in a shorter amount of time. When you decide to do HIIT, you should carefully plan out your route. Don’t rely on machines that people are using or hanging around, because you don’t want your next machine to be taken when you’re ready.

In the event that it is, have a backup machine ready to swap to. By planning which machines you’re going to go to, you don’t waste any time fumbling around looking for what to do next. These workouts are very effective, and can be very tiring despite their short lengths. You can get these done in a lunch break, even, if you wanted to!