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Banish Foods that Cause Weight Gain

Banish Foods that Cause Weight Gain

Food that you consume will either help you lose or gain weight. It’s going to be much easier to choose the healthier foods in 2018 because of new research conducted on various foods and how it affects your body.

Rather than diets which may not focus on what your body needs to lose weight and become healthy, making the right food choices is likely to become the new celebrity diet plan for 2018.

Whereas constant dieting ends up making us gain weight, getting rid of the foods that will help us lose weight and keep it off for good is the better choice by far. Banishing foods from your shopping list isn’t a quick fix, but a life change that will reset your body’s method of dealing with excess weight.

The great thing about this method to lose weight is that you’re never hungry. You don’t need to limit your intake of food – you just need to make better choices. Fruits, grains and vegetables are some of the healthy choices you can make.

Some of the foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight are coconut oil (choose olive oil instead), white bread (choose whole grain bread instead), cheese (lower your cheese intake to once per week) – and alcohol (choose water for zero calories).

Also, choose fresh fruit rather than dried to enjoy sustainable weight loss. Dried fruit contains much more calories than fresh and contains no water. And, watch out for enhanced water.

They could contain as many as 130 calories per drink and lots of sugar as well. Green tea is one of best drinks (after water) that you can choose and research has proven that it helps with weight loss.

Artificial sweeteners have also been found to promote long-term weight gain. Even though the calories aren’t there, our bodies react by changing our metabolism and by changing our insulin response and glucose levels.

This disruption of our metabolism and other reactions of the body leads to excess storage of fat and many illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

We all know that potato chips are fattening and contain treacherous trans fats. But, did you know that potato chips can cause the most weight gain – even more than ice cream and other fattening foods. Choose fresh fruits and veggies for an energy-laden snack.

The year 2018 will see people concentrating on making better food choices than trying to adapt themselves to a diet that will only make them gain more weight. Start making better food and drink choices now and reap the benefits right away.

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