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Unlock Your Genes to Change Eating Habits

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Unlock Your Genes to Change Eating Habits

You’ll learn much more in 2018 about using DNA results to unlock the health and diet secrets you hold in your genetic code. DNA is becoming a big business and more people are becoming aware about genes and how they affect the body’s ability to metabolize what we consume.

For the first time in our lives, medical and scientific research has determined that our DNA can affect not only our eating habits, but the way our bodies metabolize foods we consume to make us gain or lose weight.

For example, certain types of genes metabolize many foods and drinks (such as caffeine) much more slowly – increasing the risk of serious health problems. The New Year will bring about significant changes in the way we think about diet and health.

DNA testing is available now and the future of genetic startup companies looks promising as more people are willing to take the genetic test so they can choose which foods they should eat to promote health and lose weight.

In the past, we’ve used certain diet plans (at least one every year) for everyone even though we’re all different and our genes determine what we should eat – or not – for maximum results.

Personalized DNA testing more accurately guides you to the medical recommendations for intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, sodium and vitamin C – and as a bonus, provides information about food and drink you should avoid – such as alcohol and sodas.

With all the interest in DNA testing, there are bound to be new businesses that pop up to take advantage of the surging demand. DNA-based products are ready now, and 2018 promises to offer many options.

The personal genomics company, Helix, recently launched the first online site that you can shop for services. You can have your genome sequenced and even have access to other services such as Vinome which advises you how to use your genomic results to choose the right wine for you, for example.

Another service – EverlyWell – provides testing for food sensitivities and how your metabolism operates. You’ve been able to test your genetic makeup for a while to determine your nationality makeup, but now you can go beyond and see what you’re doing that directly impacts your overall health.

DNA testing is expanding at a rapid rate, soon offering diagnostic tools, wireless clothing that provides health reports and other personalized products.

The entire genomics market is expected to grow rapidly and generate billions of dollars on a global scale. In 2018, fad diets, weight loss plans and supplements will begin to take a back seat to the more personalized way to determine the best method for you to lose weight and achieve maximum health benefits – through your DNA.

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