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6 Tips for Building a Better Body Image

6 Tips for Building a Better Body Image

Everywhere you look, body positivity is now the message being delivered. Whether it’s a Dove commercial or an episode of the Bachelor, everyone says the right thing. Accept your body as it is, stop comparing yourself to others, and love the body you have. That’s a lot simpler said than done, but with practice, you can love your body a lot more than you do now.

Change What You Can and Want To

If there are things about your body that you don’t like that are possible to change, it’s okay to change them. That doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself or that you have a poor self-image. However, do examine your reasons for doing anything, especially if it requires you to risk your life, such as with plastic surgery.

Learn to Dress for Your Body Type

Learning to dress according to body-type is likely one of the best ways to fix your body image problems. Most people just have no idea how to dress for their body type. Today you can find plenty of YouTube stars exploring how different types of clothing looks on them. You can also watch old episodes of ‘What Not to Wear’ to explore this idea.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People

For some people looking at Instagram, stars can cause them to suffer from low self-esteem, and it will damage their body image. If you feel bad after looking at people on Instagram or in magazines, you should stop looking at these images. They are not real. People are highly edited and highly made up and is not a good example of what real people look like. Go to your local big-box store to get a better idea of what real people look like.

Compare Yourself to Others

This may seem contradictory, but this is an important distinction to make. Sometimes you may have a seriously unrealistic idea of what a particular part of your body should look like. You can find a good sample of breasts, vaginas, hips, bellies, and more right online and discover that you are normal even as you are different.

Clean Up and Organize Your Environment

Amazingly, sometimes our body image tends to suffer due to our surroundings. Keep your environment organized and cleaned up, and your self-image, including your body image, will improve with your environment.

Become Health Focused

When you want to improve anything about your body, always put your health first. Everyone has a different shape, and that is a good thing, but as long as you’re eating enough calories and nutrition and moving every day, you’ll be healthy. Health itself is an excellent motivator for you to feel good about yourself.

Body positivity doesn’t mean that you should ignore your health. It does mean that you should accept the body that you were given by improving it, making it as healthy as you can, and living your life with joy.


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