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6 Techniques to Help You Master Your Emotions

6 Techniques to Help You Master Your Emotions

When you learn to master your emotions, you can use them to motivate others, calm others, or do the same thing for yourself. The truth is, most of the time, as humans. We tend to mirror each other’s emotions. If you can become the moderator in the room, you will have an enormous amount of power over yourself, your circumstances, and others.

Get and Stay as Healthy as Possible

This is really a long-term plan, but it’s an essential component to mastering your emotions. Start eating right, exercising enough, and staying hydrated. Do the things that make you healthy from exercising to eating right to sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night most of the time, and you’ll find that you naturally have more control over your emotional life.

Learn to Set Better Goals and Schedules

Goal setting and using your ability to schedule work in smaller loads and chunks is also a great way to ensure that you don’t add issues that make emotional control difficult. Schedule both your work life and your personal life reasonably. Give yourself enough time to do things so that you can focus on one thing at a time. When you stop multitasking, you end up doing a better job at anything, whether it’s coloring with your six-year-old or organizing your next big event.

Work on Developing Emotional Awareness

One issue with emotions is having the ability to really feel each part of the emotion, including the sensations you have inside your body and the thoughts that run through your mind. The more you can dissect this and understand it, the more you can use these emotions for your benefit. When you note that you are feeling emotions take some time to analyze them and dissect them so that you can truly feel them in full. Don’t judge them as bad or good. Just note them.

Keep Learning and Experiencing New Things

The more experiences you have, the more learn about your world and environment, the better mastery you’ll have over your emotions. The main reason is that the more things you experience in life, the more emotions you’ll experience. There is nothing quite like living a full life with all the emotions you can handle that helps you learn to master them.

Focus on and Savor Positive Experiences

As you are experiencing and learning more in life, try to focus on the positives. Do things that make you feel fabulous, energized, hopeful, and thankful. The more you can heighten these experiences, the better you’ll be able to distinguish your emotions and even call on them when you need them.

Position Yourself in Wonderment and Awe

Even when things are not great and emotions are classified as “bad,” try to think about it with wonderment and awe. Nature is fantastic, and also, when something scary is happening, if you can see it in all, its incredible beauty and craziness, it can often be easier to master your emotions around something that is otherwise devastating.

Practice these six techniques every single day because mastering your emotions doesn’t happen overnight. You must work at it, recognize each emotion you feel, note how it affects you, and create a plan to navigate both positive and good feelings so that you can call on the feelings and emotions that you need when you need them.


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