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5 Ways to Practice Gratitude During the Holidays

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude During the Holidays

For many, the holidays are a great time to be around friends and family while also being thankful for the things, people, and experiences they’ve enjoyed throughout the year. It is a time where chaos from life slows down just enough to enjoy time with friends and family. Due to this, many people like to use this time to practice gratitude to strengthen their relationships, form new bonds, and increase their happiness.

Make a List

An effective way to remind yourself to be thankful for everything you have is to make a list each day. Create a with a primary list of gratitude that can be viewed daily and create new ones for the things you are newly thankful for that day. The more you are aware of the things you do have, the less time you will be spending worrying about stuff you don’t have. Over time, happiness and gratitude will come more naturally.

Make It Routine

Clear out time in your daily schedule to practice gratitude. Use this time to create your list or talk to yourself about what things made you happy and thankful. Don’t allow your busy schedule to be an excuse when you can easily practice gratitude within five to ten minutes. You can do it on your drive to and from work, on your daily run, or while cooking dinner.


Take the time not only to list out who and what you are thankful for but also to reflect. Reflect on the people, things, and experiences you have had to make you feel grateful. This a great way to feel gratitude, but it also gives you time to experience these happy moments all over again.

Do Acts of Kindness

Gratitude can also be manifested by giving back to others who need it. There are always ways to give back every day that do not necessarily require money. Smile and wave at everyone you see, open the door for someone, or give them a caring ear. The holidays are a perfect time for you to volunteer your time at a soup kitchen or help gather food and toys for those who are less fortunate.

Write Thank You Cards

Don’t forget the thank you cards this year. Even if someone did not provide a specific gift and just came by for dinner, send a note through the real mail. Let them know you were happy to see them and enjoyed their company or the present they offered. A personalized thank you card will make everyone feel appreciated and valued while strengthening your gratitude.

Make practicing gratitude part of your routine this holiday season to increase your gratitude. Be generous with your time, love, and be a listening ear or volunteer your time. Gratitude is essential for healthy relationships and to help you lead a happy, fulfilling life.


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