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How to Be Inspired When Nothing is Going Right

How to Be Inspired When Nothing is Going Right

Everyone has times in life where it feels as if nothing is going right. Many people have times in life where truly nothing is going right, and it’s not even about feelings. It’s just true. It can be tough to find inspiration when bad things happen, especially if they’re truly out of your control. However, there are things you can do to be inspired when nothing is going right.

•Focus on Gratitude – It might seem impossible to you right now, but some people have it much worse than you do, and they find a way to see the bright side. This can be hard to accept, but anytime you feel put upon finding people who are worse off than you are so that you can focus on being grateful that it’s not worse.

•Allow Yourself to Feel – Even though you probably do have it better than others, it’s okay to feel your feelings. It’s perfectly fine to be angry, sad, or have any emotion you want to have regarding the situation. However, feeling an emotion doesn’t mean you have to act on it if it gives you negative results.

•Learn to Breathe – When going through bad times, it might surprise you to know that you are likely holding your breath a lot. Take time each day to simply breathe. The oxygen you take in will enable your mind to work better, and you’re going to feel better.

•Stop Asking Why – During hard times, the biggest question is often why. But that sometimes has no good answer. It just is. So, stop asking why and instead ask what. What can you do if anything to make either the situation different or the situation more livable? Then do that.

•Remember That Everything is Temporary – Nothing is forever, including you. That can sometimes seem super depression, but when you realize that the things you’re going through now will end eventually even if you don’t do anything, it can make it easier to get through it.

•Focus on Neutral Language – If you cannot bring yourself to practice positive self-talk right now, that’s okay. Instead, focus on making your thoughts and words neutral. Neutral can make you more positive because you’re not focused on the negative and is often easier to do when you’re in the thick of the problem.

•Disconnect for a While – For some issues, disconnecting from social media and the outside world for a bit can help. However, don’t isolate yourself away from people who are good for you.

•Focus on Mindfulness – Being super aware of what you are doing right now instead of what comes before or after is an excellent way to help yourself through a difficult time. Anytime you feel yourself getting anxious about what’s happening and losing your inspiration, double down on really experiencing and feeling what you are doing right now.

•Do Things You Love – If possible, even when everything else sucks, find ways to do things you love. If you’re stuck in the bed sick, watch movies, read, or just use your imagination to dream up unusual things.

•Hire Help – If you feel stuck in your lack of inspiration and it’s affecting your life, it will help you to find someone that can guide you. A professional life coach or business coach can really address these issues and even inspire you by guiding you.

It can be challenging to see the end of the road when life is weighing you down. However, nothing lasts forever. This really will pass. Even if you think it’s never going to pass because it feels like that at the moment, it really will. When you hold on to that and just take your time making it through the hard times, you can find inspiration in the smallest things if you just try.


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