What Is Clean Eating?

What Is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is something that many people are doing. You may have heard about it in the latest celebrity magazine. This way of eating is not some new fad diet that will be here today and gone tomorrow.

Clean eating just means that you’ve made the choice to get away from foods that are bad for your body and you’re going to choose healthy, whole foods instead. The best part about clean eating too is that not only is it healthy, but if you have some weight to lose, it can help you lose those extra pounds.

Plus, it’s a great way to detox if you want to a fresh start. You’ll have more energy and be in better shape than you would be if you were eating processed foods.

Some supposedly healthy eating plans will have you eliminating entire food groups such as not having any protein. But that’s not what clean eating is all about.


When you practice this way of eating, it means that you pay attention to the food that you put in your body. You make sure that the foods that you eat are whole foods that have limited or no processing at all.

One of the best ways to remember how to excel at clean eating is to eat foods as nature made them and nature doesn’t put things in cans. Clean eating means that you won’t be putting the extras into your body that are bad for you.

Foods that are processed contain a whole lot of additives to keep the food fresh enough to be eaten even years down the road. While that might make the food last, these additives can derail your health

Many of these foods will contain things like chemicals so that the food tastes better. Some of them will have a lot of salt, enough to fulfil a whole day’s sodium intake, to preserve the food.

There will also be artificial flavoring or coloring in the foods. For example, not all the roast beef that you buy packaged in the lunch meat area naturally looks that way.

Coloring is added to give it the look of roast beef. Every food that you eat that’s in boxes, cans or jars has been processed in some way. That means that it’s not the healthiest choice to put into your body.

Many of these additives contribute to health problems later in life. All you have to do is read the labels to see what some of these additives are. Look them up and you’ll see exactly what they are and how they can affect your body.

When you choose to follow a clean eating lifestyle, it means that you’re going to forego the refined foods and opt for everything natural from your breakfast cereals, to your breads to your vegetables, fruits and meats.

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