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What Is a Dad Bod?

The Dad Bod is a body type that affects many men today – anywhere between the ages of 16 and up. A Dad Bod doesn’t necessarily equal obesity. It equals more of an untoned body, and is a terrible fad of today’s world.

Contrary to what the name may imply, the Dad Bod affects young men as well as middle aged. These men could take the route of getting in shape, but they see this fad right now working okay for other guys, which isn’t being necessarily fit.

The Dad Bod doesn’t mean that you’re overweight or fat. A good example of someone who has a Dad Bod would be someone who does lift weights, but you never see their progress because they’ll have beer and pizza in the same day.

This doesn’t necessarily make them weaker, but they do have excess fat that, if cut down, would make them look much stronger. They may have a slight pudge in their stomach, ands slimmer arms and legs, which are soft and untoned.

The Dad Bod is bad because it promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. Whether or not the man is terribly obese, the habits will eventually cause worse weight gain and the underlying, invisible conditions like diabetes will remain a concern.

The worst part about the Dad Bod is that it promotes averageness. It tries to push the idea that being par is good and encouraged. Dad Bod people aren’t overweight, nor are they super buff.

They’re ordinary. Many have attempted to equate the Dad Bod to Leonardo DiCaprio, now that he has one – or Chris Hemsworth who the media claims looks better with a Dad Bod than as his ripped character, Thor.

You can tell if you have a Dad Bod pretty easily. You’ll have a little beer belly, an untoned chest, but you’re not weak. You might lift weights occasionally, and you’re strong like a dad, but it just doesn’t show.

The diet that comes with a Dad Bod may include beer, pizza, burgers, chips, sweets, etc. It’s essentially the body type equivalent of mashed potatoes versus a crinkle cut fry. One’s soft and lumpy – the other ripped and crisp.

The Dad Bod has become a fad today for various reasons. Most of the women who like it say that it represents someone more “natural” and they like the pressure for themselves to be fit off of them.

Although, this also makes no sense, because a truly natural human would not be drinking beer – he would drink water. And instead of pizza, he’d eat lean meat. The Dad Bod seems to represent comfort to some people, but it’s not worth the lack of health benefits that come with it.