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Tuning into your Energy with Reiki

Many of the processes of the body are related to energy within it. Reiki can help you tune into your energy in a number of different ways.
If tuning into your energy sounds weird or New Age, just consider how a pacemaker is used to help a person with something wrong in relation to their heart beat. Cast your mind back to science class and recall that Luigi Galvani was able to get dead frog’s legs to move through electricity. In this way we can see clearly that a body’s health and functions both rely on energy.

Meridians and chakras

Two of the main ways to tune into your energy using reiki is through meridian and chakra work. There are 14 primary meridians and 7 chakra. The 14 primary meridians don’t just connect to your energy, they connect to your organs as well, enhancing health and healing. The 7 chakras control particular kinds of energy in the body, from the desire for safety and security at the root chakra at the base of your spine, up to your mental and spiritual energy at the crown of your head.

As you study reiki, you will learn about each of these forms of energy and how to harness the through both ‘hands-on’ healing and through the power in your palms as you hover them over the body to build, balance and focus the energy.

The reiki attunement

In most cases, people visit a reiki master and enjoy various treatment sessions, with this expert guiding their energy. However, if you feel that reiki energy healing is perfect for you and that you would like to learn more about it, your first step on this path would be a reiki attunement.

The attunement is a ceremony in which you receive the power of healing from a qualified reiki master. In order to be qualified, they must be able to trace their teacher, their teacher’s teacher, and so on, all the way back to the first reiki master Usui, in an unbroken line called a lineage.

Once you receive your attunement, this help you tap into your own energy and will deepen your study and practice. If you wish to help others, you could study Level 2 reiki. Some people like to receive an attunement for that also as they receive their special set of reiki symbols as well, but it is not essential.

If you constantly feel out of balance, or as if something or someone else seems to be running your life, it might be time to get to your know energies better