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How To Set Smart Weight Loss Goals

The key to getting down to a healthy weight is to set smart weight loss goals along the way. Let’s talk about that for a minute. It’s easy to come up with a number in your head and decide that you want to lose 15 pounds. You may even have an end date in mind. Maybe there’s a wedding you’re going to or you’re headed off on a nice vacation in 2 months.

Having a specific goal and a deadline is a great start. Next you want to make sure it’s a realistic goal. You want to be able to make it in the time allotted. It’s good to make it a little ambitious but don’t expect to lose more than a pound per week on average.

Speaking of weeks. It’s good to have weekly and monthly goals. It’ll help you notice the progress you’re making and will keep you motivated. Once you have your smart weight loss goal set, it’s time to get to work.

The fastest way to lose weight is a two-pronged approach. You want to change what you eat (and how much) and you want to move around more. Not only will you start to see the pounds melt off, you’ll also find yourself feeling better and with more energy.

As far as diet goes, we recommend eating clean, natural food. You want to cut out as much processed foods and sweets as possible. If you’re looking for some good guide lines to follow, look into Whole 30. It’s a 30 Day clean eating challenge that will get you on the right track when it comes to food and drink.

When it comes to exercise pick something that’s fun and that you’re comfortable with. Just about anyone can go out for a walk. Pick up a pedometer like a FitBit, lace up your walking shoes and go out there. Set a daily stepping goal. You may want to start out walking 7,000 steps per day and then increase that number by another 1,000 steps every few weeks. Make a goal of moving at least 1 hour per day but remember you can break that down into 15 minute increments, too. 15 minutes in the morning right after you wake up – set your alarm clock early if you need to. Another 15 minutes before lunch, 15 more after lunch and 15 after dinner will have your daily requirements met easy peasy.

Last but not least, weight loss is about more than just the number on the scale. Take a few other measurements including body fat percentage, and take out a measuring tape and take your chest, waist, thigh and upper arm measurements. Write those numbers down. Often you’ll lose inches even if the scale insists on giving you the same number day after day.

While the scale might not be moving as quickly as you want it to, take stock of those other measurements as well as how you feel physically and emotionally. Finally, how are those clothes fitting? A little looser than they used to, I’d bet.

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