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ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill Review

Product Summary:

The ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill has a number of features that make it big on performance. This treadmill has eight different workout applications that can make this treadmill easy to use. This machine allows you to really focus on the type of workout that you are looking for whether it be one that is burning tons of calories or one that is trying to help you reach new levels of fitness. There are so many workouts that you can choose from, a high quality sound system to make your workouts more enjoyable, and more with the Proform 6.0 RT Treadmill.

Product Features:
• Extra Long Tread Belt
• Specifically Designed to Save Space
• Racetrack Display to Motivate
• EKG Heart Rate Monitor
• .10% Income Control
• Cushioning to Absorb Shock When Running
• 8 Pre-Programmed Workouts to Choose From
• 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty
• 5 Year Motor and Frame Warranty
• Accommodates Runners Up to 300 lbs
• Dimensions 55”x29”x65”

Plus Points:

1. Modern Design – The overall looks of the ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill are sure to impress even the pickiest homeowner. This treadmill has a modern design that is clean and sleek. You will love that it does not look like a bulky piece of gym equipment and that it has a unique design that makes it look nice in your space, no matter what type of space you have.

2. Space Saving Features – Another thing that the ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill does well is offers you the design that you need to save space. This treadmill has a number of built in space saving features that make it a great purchase for those who do not have a lot of space. This makes it a great choice for apartments or smaller homes where you cannot fit larger gym equipment.

3. Seem Less Movements – One of the things that makes this treadmill perfect for those looking for a good workout is that it offers seem less movement. This means that you can easily change the speed and incline while you are walking or running. This is nice for those who do interval training to burn extra fat or for those training for a big run.

4. Simple Assembly – Another thing that users love is that the assembly is so simple. Many treadmills take hours to put together, need more than one person, or have to be specially lined up but not this one. This treadmill has a quick assembly design that makes it easier for you.

Things to Consider:

1. Short Handles – If you are taller and want to be able to hold onto the handles while you are walking or running, then this is probably not going to be the machine for you. The ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill has shorter handles which means that if you are taller, they are not really handles that you can use. This is something to consider for those who would need to use handles when working out.

2. Very Noisy – Another thing that you should think about is the noise level of this machine. While it boasts a powerful sound system, you are certainly going to need it with this treadmill because it is so noisy. Plus, the faster that you move, the louder that this treadmill is going to be which means that you are really going to have a hard time hearing music or television when you are running.

Product Summary:

The ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill offers quick assembly and ease of use. While not the treadmill for those who are taller, this treadmill is a solid choice for pretty much everyone else. The treadmill allows you to quickly and easily move the machine between different speed levels and inclines. This seem less movement means that your workout intensity never gets slowed down and that you can push yourself harder on your own.


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