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One Day to Combat Stress

Feeling as though life is getting on top of you? Don’t worry! That’s quite a normal way to feel and according to the statistics, actually a great proportion of us have these feelings a lot of the time.

However, the good news is that you can overcome this stress if you’re willing to just take a break. The problem that many people don’t realize, is that they’re often actually addicted to stress. They don’t like being stressed but at the same time, they can’t help it.

You know that you’re addicted to stress if you find yourself constantly staying late at work, constantly taking on more jobs and feeling awkward or bored when you try relaxing. Sound familiar? If only you would take a break and make it a real break, then you could probably overcome that stress.
Why? Because you could use that one day to put your life in order and to close all your ‘open loops’.

Low Level Stress

While most of us have a few ‘big sources’ of stress, we should be able to cope with these if we could just focus on them. For instance, many of us are stressed by work or by our relationships – but this is still just ‘one source’ of stress and as such should not be crippling.

The problem is that we often have so many other additional sources of stress along with those big ones. For instance, many of us will have calls we need to make, people we need to e-mail and tidying to do. Often we have bills that need paying, admin that needs doing, clothes we need to buy for upcoming events…

The point is, most of us have a huge list of things we need to be doing and this is what makes it so hard for us to cope with the bigger things. This is what makes it feel like we’re filled to brim and like we just can’t manage with everything that’s going on.

These smaller things don’t get done either because we’re tired, because we’re stressed and because our spare time is taken up with those few ‘big’ things.

And this is where the ‘one day’ comes in. Take one day off of work, on your own, and dedicate it to getting everything else straight. That means tidying the house, it means catching up on correspondence, it means sorting out admin – it means doing all those small things that are causing you stress.

Do this, and suddenly life becomes much easier!


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