Mindful Living Can Help Slow Down the Aging Process

Mindful Living Can Help Slow Down the Aging Process

From the time that you’re born, your body begins to age. Some people end up aging faster than others. Some people know that the key to slowing down the aging process is found in mindful living.

When you practice mindful living, you not only add years to your life, but you live a better quality of life as well. Scientific studies have shown that there’s a direct link between the emotional health of a person and his or her physical health.

When someone experiences negative emotions such as ones fueled by stress, it can speed up aging because it has a negative effect within the body. When you practice mindfulness, you can slow down the aging process because you’re fighting back against the causes of aging.

Inside your body, you have DNA that act as caps on the end of your cells. These caps are called telomeres. These are needed to help your cells continually divide. As time passes, these telomeres would gradually lose their length and the result would then be cell death.

You can prevent the shortening of the telomeres by practicing mindful living. The connection between mindfulness and the length of telomeres rests in an enzyme known as telomerase.

This enzyme is responsible for keeping the telomeres at a healthy length. One of the key factors that can impact the length of the telomeres is stress. When you have stress, it damages your cells and can lead to cell death.

There are many health conditions that can be linked with the telomeres once they begin to shorten.  Among these are heart disease and some types of cancers. When you have stress, especially if you have a lot of it, this will cause the telomere length to shorten faster.

But, you can change that by learning how to live mindfully. When you live mindfully, you can defeat the stress that’s causing so many negative reactions within your body. You can learn how to do mindful exercises that can boost the grown of the telomeres.

When you practice mindful living, you focus on the present and you don’t practice self negativity and you don’t judge what you think or feel. What mindfulness does is it boosts the amount of telomerase that’s present in your body.

You learn how to stop the cycle of negative emotion and thoughts that tie in to stress. Mindfulness also boosts positive thoughts and emotions which are linked to physical well being and the aging process is slowed.

Mindful living will allow you to have better concentration, gain self control and allow you to have more compassion for yourself and toward others.

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