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Low Impact Exercise for Stress Relief

Exercising is a great way to improve health, feel better and alleviate stress. For some, the very thought of exercising can feel overwhelming and the prospect of engaging in aerobic activity can add to current stress.

The fact is if you engage in exercise, you will feel much more relaxed at the end of it. Working up a sweat can be therapeutic on many levels. Envisioning the source of your stress and then doing something physical to that source, for example shadow-boxing, can be an excellent release. Getting your heart rate up for an extended period enables your brain to release your ‘feel good’ endorphins.

Low Impact Exercise Options

Yoga and Pilates are excellent stress relief forms of exercise; particularly if you suffer from joint and muscle pain. Many people have difficulty with high impact exercise. Most people who go to a yoga class for the first time are shocked at how sore they feel the next day. There seems to be this idea that yoga simply consists of light stretching.

These ancient poses engage numerous muscle groups. Taking slow, deep breaths while holding the yoga poses, helps to facilitate a cleansing process within our body, enabling accumulated toxins to release.

Pilates is excellent for toning and sculpting the muscles. These workouts are considered to be moderate intensity. Not only will you become fitter over time, you will possibly shed some weight too. The pace is fairly slow but the importance is doing the exercises correctly and breathing properly in the process. As you notice your body responding in a positive manner, you will be more inclined to keep these workouts up.

Daily Walks

Making time to get outside everyday can make a huge difference in your ability to cope with stress. Reconnecting with fresh air, sunshine and vitamin D, and the vegetation surrounding you is important. Unfortunately, many of us spend no time outdoors anymore. This is a sad human condition. The majority of our ancestors spent their lives farming or growing a garden, tending to livestock and chopping wood. The need to be outside in nature is something that is in our veins. Taking time to smell the flowers and chat with your neighbors are positive ways to alleviate stress.

Walking and any exercise helps to get your circulation flowing. Exercise often clears your mind and leaves you feeling invigorated. Not only will your mood be improved, you will most likely have more patience with your spouse and kids.

When you feel good about yourself and your choices, you will naturally be less stressed. When you feel like you are being proactive in living a healthy lifestyle, you will be proud of yourself and how you have incorporated new positive methods for handling stress.