Are You Serious About Life Extension?

How Serious Are You About Life Extension?

How Serious Are You About Life Extension?

We all want to know how to live longer and there are complete industries that revolving around the concept of “life extension”. But is it really possible for a person to extend their life by decades and, if so, how?

There are two thoughts on the life extension concept. The first is ‘how do we live as long as we possibly can?’ from a personal viewpoint. We all want to live past our eighties and if possible far into our nineties. The second is that people want to know how we can reach our biological potential – there are those that suggest that it is possible to live a normal, healthy life well into our hundreds.

To achieve either of these we need to first learn how to slow down the aging process. This means that we need to learn how to delay our physical cells becoming old and damaged and how to ensure that the new cells that are created in their place are as strong as the originals.

We get the building blocks for these new cells from the foods that we eat. This means that by eating certain foods we can expect to be healthier for longer. The obvious examples here are your vegetable and fruit food groups.

The other side of the coin is that there are also foods that cause cell damage and that by consuming these we are actually speeding up the aging process. Examples of these types of foods include those high in fat, refined carbohydrates and refined sugars.

Apart from the food that we eat there is also a fine balance to the amounts that we eat. Eating too much leads to health issues that can shorten our lifespan, just as eating too little can cause malnutrition and disease.

Exercise is an essential part of the life extension process. We need to exercise to get our blood moving through our bodies so that it can carry all the essential nutrients to all the parts that need them. Exercise improves our muscular, cardiovascular, circulation and immune systems. This helps us to ward off any damage to our cells by viruses, injury and helps to balance out our hormones and prevent obesity.

Sometimes we need a bit of help to get all the nutrients that we need, particularly with those that the body can not make itself. As we age our bodies become depleted of many of these nutrients, so as a part of a life extension plan supplementing these building blocks and nutrients can assist with the prevention of damage to the existing cells and provide the essential ingredients for the rebuilding of healthy cells.

No matter how hard we try, our organs do simply become too old to do the work that they once did for us, but this may not always mean the end of our life. With research into stem cells it is already possible to regrow organs. Who is to say that patients in the future simply do not replace that parts that are failing – much like we replace the parts of a car when they fail?

Cryogenics and nanotechnology that were once reserved for science fiction and horror movies are also technologies that are beginning to be taken quite seriously. Despite advances in these areas I wouldn’t pin your hopes on being able to have a conversation with your great great grandchildren 100 years from now just yet.

You best chance for life extension is to look at where you can improve on your current lifestyle and making the necessary changes. By simply altering your diet or taking up gentle exercise you could even add years to your life expectancy.

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