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Endomorph Diet

Endomorph Diet

Sometimes, no matter what diet you try, you struggle to lose weight. The problem might just be that you’ve been trying the wrong kind of diet for your body type. If you’re an endomorph, it means that you carry a lot of body fat and you don’t have a lot of strong, lean muscle.

People who are endomorphs naturally have a more difficult time getting rid of excess weight. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. What you have to learn to do if you want to get in shape is learn how to eat using an Endomorph Diet.

An endomorph diet is one that bases the way that you eat on the type of body that you have because of your skeletal frame. When you eat the endomorph way, you’ll choose your foods based on the shape of your body.

What this method of dieting does is uses your body shape to help propel you toward weight loss rather than you following a diet that doesn’t fit you. As an endomorph, your body is just prone to hanging onto the fat.

You’re might be pear shaped. This means that though you’ll have body fat, you’re doing to carry most of right at the abdomen. It also means that it’s a lot easier for you to put on extra pounds than people who aren’t endomorphs.

Thanks to the extra struggle with your body type, you’re less likely to find success with a one-size-fits-all type diet. You need one that’s customized for your body. Your diet needs to be one that restricts calories through portion control.

It will need to lower your caloric intake to around 1,500 calories if you’re aiming for a pound of weight loss per week. It also needs to be one that counts the calories you burn through exercise so that you don’t drop your calorie level too low.

As an endomorph, your metabolism just doesn’t work as fast as other body shapes. So you need a diet that can boost your metabolism as you lose. Because your body type has a tendency to hold on to what you eat, it’s important that any diet you follow under an endomorph diet includes regular exercise.

The best diet for your body type is going to be one that’s low carb and higher in protein. You don’t want to cut your carbs too low. That works against those with endomorph body types by slowing the metabolism even more.

You’ll need to focus on complex carbs rather than simple carbs. Good endomorph diets are ones such as a diabetic diet, or the Paleo diet. To get started on the endomorph diet, you would want to choose the low carb one that focuses on eating healthy foods rather than rapid weight loss. The reason for that is because you’ll want to adopt this as a way of eating long term to be healthier rather than just eating to lose weight for now.