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Eating Fat to Stay Slim

Eating Fat to Stay Slim

You may have heard the advice that if you want to stay slim then you need to give up eating fat. The opposite is actually true. You need to eat fat in order to stay slim. When you eat foods that are high in carbs or high in sugar, this creates a reaction in your body that makes you crave more of the same.

So you begin to hold onto fat and the more fat your body holds onto, the more you weigh and the more you’ll battle hunger and cravings. Without enough fat in your diet, you can get caught in an endless cycle.

Trying to lose weight while eliminating fats is a blueprint to diet failure. When you consume more fat, your body in turn lets go of stored fat. The types of fat that you need to consume matter.

When you plan your meals, you want to make sure that your carbohydrate portions are not as great as your fat. You’ll want to cut out processed foods and eat things like plenty of fish and chicken as well as fruits and vegetables.

By creating an eating plan that uses a healthy balance of fat and carbs, you can spur your body to lose fat and pounds. It works based on the science of Adenosine triphosphate  (ATP) which basically means that it’s your body’s currency.

When you need energy, your body will use fat to fuel that energy through oxidizing the fat. If you eat more carbs than fats, your body uses the carbs instead. Which means you burn calories but not fat.

To slim down and lose fat, you have to eat fat to give your body that fuel. That doesn’t mean that all fats are equal. Some are pretty bad for your overall health and especially for your heart.

Fats are listed under the umbrella of being either saturated or unsaturated. The fats in foods will be found in one of these groups. Unsaturated fats are the ones that you want to look for.

These are the fats that are best for your heart health because they help keep your cholesterol levels low and they’re also good for weight loss. Other fats in this group contain omega-3 which is good for the heart.

You’ll see this in fats that are in vegetable oils and certain types of fish such as salmon. Olive oil is a good oil to consume for helping you to stay slim. Good fats are found in things like some types of seeds, nuts, avocados and olives.

Fats that you should limit or avoid when you’re watching your weight because they’re bad for your heart as well as unhelpful when it comes to losing pounds are things like the skin of some meats, solidified fats, cookies, potato chips and other kinds of junk or fast food.