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Eat This Late-Night Snack TONIGHT

Eat This Late-Night Snack TONIGHT To Burn Fat And Fight Stress

Hey, it’s Joel and TONIGHT I’m going to eat one of my favorite night-time, fat-burning snacks… and so should you.

Even better, it’s a FRUIT, and not only does this bad boy crush cravings and boost fat loss, it also contains a host of anti-aging and anti-stress properties as well.

Which fruit? Originating from the tropical island of Barbados, of course I’m referring to the ever-popular grapefruit (you probably didn’t see that one coming ;).

You probably also didn’t know that grapefruits actually contain 26% MORE vitamin C than oranges, with their antioxidant properties promoting healthy skin, hair, nails, and bones. Want to burn fat and look good while doing it? Grab a grapefruit (that’s what I always say anyway).

Not only does vitamin C promote youthfulness, it also helps reduce stress—perfect for pre-bedtime. In fact, one German study discovered that those who regularly consumed Vitamin C sported significantly lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol—a nasty fat-storing hormone that has been directly linked to increased belly fat…

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