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What Disorders Are Commonly Associated with Candida Infections?

Though candida is a microscopic organism located in your gut, when this fungus develops in your body at unnatural levels, symptoms can appear anywhere. This is why doctors sometimes have such a hard time diagnosing a candida overgrowth. One of the common symptoms of this yeast infection is a skin disorder. If you suffer from a skin problem of any kind, it could have candida overgrowth as its base contributor.

It is simple for even a very well-trained doctor to misdiagnose a skin condition. Your doctor, with nothing but your health and well-being at heart, recommends treatment of your skin problem. She fully believes that her treatment protocol will work. And, it may very well give you a break from the skin condition you have developed. However, this is like putting a Band-Aid on a cut that never goes away.

Since the underlying problem is not being treated, and only the symptom of the problem is, symptoms may clear up. However, since the nasty candida fungus working behind the scenes to create your skin condition has not been treated, you may be battling the problem for some time.

This is just one example of how an untreated or improperly treated candida overgrowth condition can lead to other problems. At first, your symptoms are minor. You may notice a white coating on your tongue or the roof of your mouth, a sign of oral thrush, one of many other candida-related symptoms. Fail to treat the yeast which is causing this condition, and serious disorders can develop.

Candida-Related Diseases and Disorders

Candida overgrowth is nothing more than an imbalance in your system. A person that eats too many processed foods filled with sugar develops an unhealthy nutritional imbalance. At first this may simply lead to adding a couple of pounds and feeling sluggish. If the diet is not addressed, simple symptoms can turn into huge health problems, such as diabetes, heart conditions and cancer.

Similarly, symptoms which at first seem merely bothersome are a sign that you need to get your candida overgrowth under control. If not, you could develop the following disorders, diseases and unfortunate health conditions.

* Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
* Celiac disease
* Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
* Chronic sinus problems
* Atropic dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions
* Leaky gut syndrome
* Ulcerative colitis
* Crohn’s disease
* Autism
* Adrenal fatigue
* Manic-depression
* ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder)
* Schizophrenia
* Any number of autoimmune disorders

Look at the incredibly diverse number of conditions that can develop from an overabundance of a simple yeast. The chameleon-like ability of candida to disguise itself as other problems often leads to misdiagnosis, as mentioned earlier.

This in turn can create a situation where the improper treatment for candida purging is employed. Symptoms are continually treated, the cause of those symptoms, a yeast infection, is not treated, and both doctor and patient are frustrated and concerned as more serious disorders like those just mentioned begin to develop.

This occurs because as many as 70% of all human beings in modern societies are affected by candida. That eyebrow-raising finding was reported by researchers at Rice University in Texas in the United States. Ask any random 10 individuals if they have some type of health problem, and odds are at least 7 of them will respond that they do.

In many cases their conditions, whether mild or extreme, can be linked back to a candida overgrowth.

Keeping your immune system strong is the key to foiling the candida fungus. This means steering clear of fast foods and processed foods, eating more natural foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries, and drinking lots of water. You also want to have a physical checkup every year, just to make sure that all your important health metrics are in line, and you are not contributing to a candida overgrowth.


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