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Digital Detox

Are you connected all the time? I mean are you living with your phone on all the time?

How much time do your spend on your smartphone or and Ipad or laptop every day?

Most people just spend way too much time on this digital connection to the world and aren’t getting any healthier by doing so.. and if that’s your case than I suggest you read the following article which was recently published by Yahoo Tech:

We live in a constantly connected world. From our laptops and smartphones to smartwatches and smart TVs, it seems like an Internet-connected something is always within arm’s reach — or, in some cases, literally on our arms.

digital detoxAnd while easy access to data has become one of the great conveniences of modern life, it can also be a burden. Whether it’s Facebook status updates, push alerts from Twitter or a constantly chirping news feed, the incessant stream of information can sometimes be too much. If you find that a fear of missing out (otherwise known as FOMO) is making you miss out on more important things — whether it’s work or a real, live person who needs some real-world face time — perhaps it’s time for a little digital detox.

Here are some suggestions for doing just that.
Erase your muscle memory

Muscle memory plays a big part in our digital lives. One of the worst of these habits is repetitively launching the same app every time we unlock our smartphones — even if that’s not why we woke up our device in the first place.

Hide your apps.

To shake up your routine, move your most-used applications to another home screen — or, better yet, to a folder on a screen you hardly ever use. Making yourself more conscious of the apps you’re launching may make you pause to consider whether you really need to check Twitter for a third time this hour…

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