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Detox your fridge

Have you started eating healthy and clean as yet, apparently it’s not so much about dieting but rather about cleaning up your fridge and eating “clean” foods as is explained in the article below:

Don’t diet, detox your fridge

It’s hard to ignore at the moment, across social media, in magazines and bestselling books – step forward “eating clean”, brought to you in a thousand Instagram and Pinterest images by a tribe of glamorous young women, notably Ella Woodward, Amelia Freer and the Hemsley sisters. “Clean” foodies have a passion for all things kale and courgetti, “spiralising” veg into noodles, blasting fruit into smoothies, all served simply with a scattering of pomegranate seeds and hazelnuts, preferably blitzed – chia seeds optional.

“It’s about eating healthily, not counting calories,” says nutritional therapist Amelia Freer, author of bestseller Eat Nourish Glow. Her philosophy is: take control of your health and, above all, keep foods as close to their natural state as possible. No deprivation and dieting, we should think about food as “something that can nourish and protect”, she says. Which some may say amounts to pretty much the same thing as the usual rules: no pasta, no sugar, no fat. Freer disagrees, however, and believes that our bad habits can be replaced with something that tastes as good and makes you feel better. So if pizza is a weakness, switch it for this homemade version, with a cauliflower base, herby pesto and roasted veg topping.

The cornerstone of Freer’s approach is to detox your kitchen. If the foundations are good, she says, it’s easier to eat more healthily. It’s all about starting out with the right equipment and ingredients close at hand. We meet in my kitchen for a consultation, and Freer is quick to suggest a new tool which could transform my cooking habits. I should switch the pasta maker for a spiraliser, she says, which can be used to make courgetti – thinly sliced courgettes used in place of spaghetti. Freer suggests sauteeing the courgetti in a little olive oil and garlic, then stirring in some pureed avocado, chilli flakes and a little fresh crab meat…

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