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Choose the Ketogenic Diet to Burn Stored Fat

Choose the Ketogenic Diet to Burn Stored Fat

When you follow a ketogenic diet, you end up using fat as your fuel. This not only lets you get rid of stored fat, but it causes you to lose weight as well. You’ll feel better physically and mentally when you follow a ketogenic eating plan.

You’ll notice that you have plenty of energy to exercise and you’ll notice that you don’t feel the hunger to eat a lot like you may have before you started the diet. You’ll also have sharper mental abilities as well as notice that your skin looks better.

You will need to make sure that you’re paying attention to the precise food that you eat so that you enter into ketosis, which is what happens when your body is using fat for energy rather than getting it from the foods that you eat.

In order to reach ketosis, you have to cut out all the carb load you may have been eating. You’ll also need to stop consuming sugar. When you follow the diet, you’ll notice that it helps to bring glucose numbers down as well as lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure, both of which are factors that contribute to heart disease.

You’ll be able to choose which ketogenic diet that you follow from among four choices. The High-Protein Ketogenic one is as simply as it sounds which must means that you’re going to have more protein in your diet than in other versions of the eating plan.

The Standard or Regular one is the diet that’s most often followed and offers a choice between a low or higher range of carbs. In this one, you’ll also have some protein. The Cyclical Ketogenic is for a mixture of low carb with high carb and you simply cycle on and off days.

If you choose the Targeted diet that’s build around ketogenic eating, then you’ll eat according to the time that you have your workouts. Foods on any of the ketogenic eating plans should be unprocessed.

You’ll be eating mostly all natural foods that contain little protein and carbs but plenty of fat. You would think that since this diet doesn’t involve eating a lot of carbs that you don’t have to watch them, but you will.

That includes keeping an eye on the amount of fruit that you eat. Though most fruit is low in calories, most of it is high in natural sugar. In order to stay in fat burning mode, you have to keep your carbs limited to within a certain range.

If you go out of that range, then you can leave the fat burning mode. You will have to be sure that you get your liquids in and that includes consuming water. Being on a ketogenic diet can make you more susceptible to not getting enough to drink.