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Can diabetes be cured?

Can Diabetes Be Cured?

The first thought that may pop into your head when being diagnosed with diabetes is what you can do to cure it, as you would with any other disease. While it may be a bit disappointing to hear, there isn’t currently a cure for diabetes.

Once you have it, you have it. However, the effects of diabetes can be mitigated and it can even go into remission, which is essentially a lessened version of the affliction. This makes living with diabetes much more manageable, and much easier on your mental health.

In order to curb the effects of diabetes, you’ll need to keep your blood sugar levels under control and at a normal level. Consult your doctor to find out what your normal blood sugar levels should be, and monitor those levels closely to figure out what changes you need to make to keep a normal level.

One strategy that you can use to help you is planning out each one of your meals in advance, making sure they’re healthy for you and are okay for you to eat. This will help you avoid accidental snacking on foods that aren’t diabetes friendly, and could potentially cause issues for you.

For type 2 diabetics, one thing that can help you a lot is exercise. By keeping your body healthy, your blood sugar levels will be kept at more normal levels. Anything from lifting weights to jogging can help, as long as you’re doing something to keep your system active.

Another option for type 2 diabetics is weight loss surgery. It’s been shown that many type 2 diabetics who undergo this surgery have their blood sugar levels return either to normal or close to normal.

However, if you regain the weight that you lost, your sugar levels may return. One of the most important things for all diabetics is ensuring that you have a good, consistent, and healthy sleep schedule.

Scientific studies have shown that those who don’t get a lot of sleep experience symptoms very similar to those of diabetics, with high blood sugar levels, while those who get normal amounts of sleep don’t.

If you’re already diabetic, a poor sleep schedule will only make things worse. Most importantly, be sure to keep in regular touch with your diabetes educator and doctor. They’re there to help you, and can find ways to make the negative effects of diabetes lessened for you.